我的 英语作文 祝贺

范文1:我的 英语作文 祝贺



Your friend Jack has got his master's degree. Write a letter to show your congratulations. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don't need to write the address. Don't sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Wang Li instead.

Dear Jack,

Heartfelt congratulations on your graduation from the Graduate School.

I have good reasons to feel proud of you. I know the degree of master meant many years of assiduous study and hard work. Now you have come through with flying colors and high honors. I have heard of your excellent record in research and extra curricular activities. In this you took the right road to emerge as a fully developed young man to society. I take pride in your achievements and avail myself of this opportunity to extend to you my best wishes for your success and happiness.

Yours sincerely, Wang Li 译文




我为你的成绩感到骄傲,并借此机会向您致以良好的祝愿,祝你今后取得更大的成绩,幸福愉快。你诚挚的:王丽祝贺信模板 Dear **, We are very happy to know that you **(祝贺内容). Allow us to give our most sincere congratulations on this exciting occasion. You have **(刻苦努力坚持之类成功要件),and **(同前). Your success shows that only **(再同前) can yield good results. We take this opportunity to express our best wishes to you. Wish you greater achievements in **(某领域) Yours cordially, Li Ming PS:万能句:

1) I am much delighted to learn that..2) This is a special and happy moment for you and i am very proud of your achievement.3) I hope you can reach higher level in your study/work and do more contribution to the society.4) I believe this position will be a new beginning, and a chance for you to embrace a fuller life and pave the way for a brilliant future career.5) Please accept my most sincere congratulations.-------------------------------------------------------------15、祝贺信。范文全是黑体字,表明全是套话,替换套用即可

Directions: Your friend has been elected the president of an association. Write a letter to him/her to express your congratulations.

Dear Mr. Michael,

I was very happy to learn that you (have been elected President of the Scotland-China Association)and I would like, on behalf of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and in own name, to express to you warmest congratulations.

I hope that during your tenure of office the relations of friendship and cooperation that already exist between our two organizations will be further developed. Let us join our efforts to make greater contributions to the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between the people’s of China and Scotland.(91 words) Yours sincerely, Li Ming 祝贺信模板1:

Dear ,

Congratulations on your 祝贺的理由.( I know how hard you have been working )and I am very proud of you for your achievement. I understand for sure that it is (your hard work / your excellent ability )that leads you to the current success. This new position, on the other hand, adds a new dimension to your life and is bound to . What’s more, I also believe that . May all goes beautifully in your new post! Yours sincerely, Li Ming 模板2:

Dear ,

Good news travels fast! It was delightful for me to hear that 祝贺的理由. Please accept my sincere congratulations to your 被祝贺人所取得的成就. I have been watching your progress all the years, and I know more than anyone else how much effort you have put in. Now you prove to me a matured and well-rounded in every respect. Judging from your current success / achievement, I am confident that in the future . May all the years ahead fulfill your dreams!

Yours sincerely, Li Ming


excellent:出色的,杰出的【a】 current:当前的【a】


dimension:[d'mnn]:重要性【n】 bound to:一定会

what’s more:另外,而且








范文解析: Directions:

Write a letter to your best friend Li Ming, congratulating him on accepting admission to a postgraduate program. Dear Li Ming, I am writing to convey my warm congratulations on your admission to a postgraduate (自加at Beijing University). I must say that I was not surprised to hear this good news.(对方具体成就I know that you have been desirous of furthering your study in a prestigious university and how industrious and perseverant you have always been in order to realize this dream. I am delighted that the four years of your hard work has finally been rewarded in this way). It is obvious that you will have a wide-open future ahead of you.

Congratulations again. I wish you all the best in your future life and study. Sincerely, Wang Hu 6,祝贺信 Dear___, I have learnt with delight that you祝贺的理由, I would like to extend to you my utmost congratulations on被祝贺人所取得的成就. You must be祝贺他很棒. And I feel very happy for you.

被祝贺人所取得的成绩is quite exciting news! I know this is surely owing to 被祝贺人做出的努力.

Please inform me when you have time I hope we canhave couple of drinks together. Please accept my best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity!(或Please accept my best wishes for your happiness and success Sincerely yours, Signature◆常用句式

1、Heartfelt congratulations on…真心祝贺……

2、Congratulations, all of us feel proud of your remarkable achievements!祝贺你,我们都为你所取得的巨大成就感到骄傲。3、I am so happy to hear that…听到……我真的非常高兴。4、I write to congratulate you upon…我写信来祝贺你……

5、I offer you my warmest congratulations on your…对于你的……我表示热烈的祝贺。6、I wish you still further success!预祝你取得更大的成功!

7、We look forward to bragging about you in the years ahead.我们希望在未来的岁月中能骄傲地谈起你。

8、Please accept our sincerest congratulations and very best wishes for all the good future.谨向你表示由衷的祝贺和美好的祝福。

9、Congratulations to you on being awarded the prize/getting the scholarship.祝贺你荣获此奖项、获得奖学金。

10、May lasting happiness and joy be yours/with you forever.愿幸福和欢乐永远伴随你!

11、I take pride in your achievements and would like to avail myself of this opportunity to extend my best wishes for your success.对你取得的成就我深感自豪,我愿借此机会对你的成功表示由衷的祝贺。




I have learned with delight that you______.(2).表达祝贺和自己的心情。

I would like to extend to you my greatest congratulations on ________. And I feel very happy for you.中间:


I know this is surely owing to___ .


It is a reward you richly deserve for your __.



With your _____, I am sure that you will be a success in whatever you undertake.(2).表达自己真诚的祝福。

My best wishes for your further success.


物理师范朱伊尼150840601 Dear tu researcher: I have heard that you won the 2015 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, the warmest congratulations to you with the highest respect! In more than 60 years of scientific research career, you always insist in the scientific frontier silent and cultivated, innovation.You have made important contributions to deepen the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and the combination of Chinese and western science. Especially is given priority to with you find antimalarial drug artemisinin and double hydrogen artemisinin, not only fully proved the precious value of traditional Chinese medicine, but also saved millions of lives around the world every year. Winning the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine gives your personal, as well as scientific research level and academic achievement high praise, also the general scientific and technical workers a great deal of encouragement and spur. Sincerely thank you for your outstanding contributions to the development of human medicine, thank you for the general scientific and technical workers won the high honor! Sincerely wish you continue to make greater achievements in scientific research in the future, to build an innovative country, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, China's dream to make new greater contributions! Yours sincerely ZhuYini