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雅思口语范文参考:An important letter

Describe an important letter you wrote.

Note: This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual individuals or events is coincidental.


①②Many years ago i once wrote a love letter to a girl - a Pisces girl. I remember I sent her favorite orchids with my handwritten love letter attached.

③She became my girlfriend not too long after she received my letter. I guess she really liked the way how the letter was written. It was more of poetry than prose. I poured all my love and affection like sweet real orange juice to a shiny glass. She decided to have the love letter read by all her dorm mates it was passed from one hand to another and she was so proud of it and she even framed it like it were the picture of a saint. NOS

④Why I wrote this letter? It's a love letter, surely because I loved her. I can explain a bit why I handwrote it. Sometimes a thoughtful handwritten letter is just what a girl needed, and it is sometimes better then an email. I just think it takes more effort to sit down to write and then send it through regular mail. That makes it more special. For a girl, it's satisfying to hold a letter written by a boy's hand, and it's lovely that the boy took the time and care to do so. WangDong

Nowadays, people tend to write letter by computers, there was a time, not so long ago, when letter writing was a real craft.

Lexical Resouce:

Pisces girl 双鱼座女孩

orchids 兰花

poetry 诗歌

prose 散文


9 made me look forward to seeing you again.

10 You think only of yourself.

11 If we were married, I know that I would find

12 life very difficult, and I would have no

13 pleasure in living with you. I have a heart

14 to give, but it is not something that

15 I want to give to you. No one is more

16 foolish and selfish than you, and you are not

17 able to care for me and help me.

18 I sincerely want you to understand that

19 I speak the truth. You will do me a favor

20 if you think this is the end. Do not try

21 to answer this. Your letters are full of

22 things that do not interest me. You have no

23 true love for me. Good-bye! Believe me,

24 I do not care for you. Please do not think that

25 I am still your boyfriend.

So bad!! However, before handing over the letter to the girl....the boy told the girl to "READ BETWEEN THE LINES", meaning-only to read Numbers.) So.. please try reading it again! It's so smart & sweet.... It is betterto laugh about your problems than to cry about them.


范文2:雅思口语Part2 educational television program9分范文分享

很多同学反映雅思口语Part2有些话题很难有头绪,so,这里跟大家分享一篇9分口语范文Describe an educational television program that you liked,一起来看看吧!


Describe an educational television program that you liked. You should say what the program was about when and where you saw it how you found out about this program and why you liked it I’m going to talk about one of my favorite educational TV programs, which is a nature documentary called ‘Planet Earth’. There were eleven episodes of this program, and each one featured a different habitat on Earth, such as mountains, caves, deserts and jungles. The aim of the ‘Planet Earth’ series was to take the viewer into those habitats, using spectacular footage of interesting animals, plants and landscapes.首句定语从句可谓先声夺人。高分词汇(其实都是简单词汇):episode, feature, habitat, take..into, spectacular footage, landscapes.三句话分别讲了这个节目的基本信息,主要内容形式和节目的宗旨,可以说完美地回答了what the program was about.I first saw ‘Planet Earth’ on television when it was broadcast by the BBC several years ago. I think it was shown every Sunday evening, which was the perfect time to watch a fascinating nature program. Then, a few years a ago, somebody bought me the DVD box set of the whole series as a Christmas present, and I watched the episodes again.对于task response可以说很全面了,既有喜闻乐见,普普通通的前2句(还有模板的可能),又有最后1句的点睛,不经意间就讲了一个关于自己的圣诞礼物的故事,从而与模板性的答案完全划清了界限。

I found out about this TV programme because it was advertised repeatedly in the weeks before it was first aired. The TV trailers were really eye-catching because they showed incredibly beautiful images of nature. I also recognised the voice of the narrator of the programme, the well-known naturalist David Attenborough. It was these trailers that persuaded me to watch the first episode. found out about一定要注意是“找到,搞清楚”意思,不是让你评价这个节目(how do you think of)。如果说前2段还只是小试牛刀,那么这一段开始,就是火力全开,开始了9分英语的狂飙了。4句话全部为复杂句,分别涉及到了because状语从句,because状语从句,同位语,强调句(it isthat)。当然,学术口语中,原本就应该达到这用程度地表达。而细看词汇,当然也不简单,有air, narrator, naturalist, trailer等。不过整体而言,用词很简明,没有任何炫技的成分。

What I liked most about the ‘Planet Earth’ series was its stunning photography and its global scope. For example, in the “Fresh Water” episode, they showed us the giant salamander in Japan, crocodiles in the river Nile, and river dolphins in the Amazon. I was amazed at how they had managed to film such interesting creatures in so many locations. I enjoyed learning about strange animal species, and the programme opened my eyes to the hidden wonders of our planet.此段,旨在让回答有血有肉,所以用了详略恰当的例子来说明了why you liked it.结尾的表达简明有力,让人折服。高分词汇:stunning photography, global scope, opened my eyes, hidden wonders.



雅思口语part1范文:Movies 摘要:备考雅思口语考试,离不开雅思口语范文的帮助,小马过河雅思小编今天为帮助大家备考,整理了雅思口语part1范文内容,希望对考生们备考有用,一起来看看详细内容吧!


雅思口语 part1范文:Movies

1. Do you often go to the cinema?

Yes, I go to the cinema as often as possible. I usually go with some friends to watch the latest action movies or comedies. We have a great time when our favorite star is playing a lead role in the movie.

2. Do you often go to the cinema?

Yes, I go to the cinema as often as possible. I believe that films are a wonderful form of art. In films there are a wide range of genres ranging from comedy and drama, to horror and science fiction. For example, recently I have seen the movie ‘Titanic’, which has been described as the most expensive film ever made. The extent to which the producers attended to the details of the original ship was astounding. Another example would be the thriller ‘Silence of the Lambs’ with my favorite actor Anthony Hopkins playing the leading role. It had me on the edge of my seat for most of the time.

3. Do you often go to the theater?

No. I have never been to the theater. It is too expensive for me. I prefer to go to the cinema. Secondly, I believe that the theater is boring. What I mean to say is that the actors are on the same stage the whole time. I cannot see how that can be as exciting as a good movie.

4. What kinds of movies do you like best?

I like comedies. First of all, comedies are of great fun. What I mean is that I have a good laugh while watching them. Secondly, comedies seldom contain violent scenes. For instance, you would not easily find murders, shooting, fighting, and so on in a comedy. Lastly, comedies often contain excellent acting by famous stars. For example, Robbie Williams in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ is considered one of the most extraordinary performances ever by an actor.

5. Who is your favorite movie star? Describe him / her.

My favorite movie star is Jackie Cheng. He is handsome and very funny. He always has a smile on his face, and never seems to be worried about the situations that he finds himself in.