《商务英语信函写作》练习题 I. I.Choose the best answer:1.1.Please let us know _____the tendency of your market. a. for b. in c. of d. with 2. We _____ like to know more about the products you advertised in South Asian Trade. a. could b. would c. should d. had 3. We are now _____ your inquiry of October 12th. a. on receipt of b. upon receipt of c. in receipt of d. in reception of 4. We have received your enquiry of 15 July____you advise us of your interest in Cashmere. a. in which b. from which c. at which d. which 5. We have received your letter of September 12,_____ we are glad to know that you are interest in our electric heaters. a. which b. at which c. in which d. from which 6. We shall be pleased to send you the necessary information _____ our machine tools. a. on b. about c. of d. in 7. Our catalog ____ shows various types of bathroom fittings and their available sizes. a. enclosed b. that enclosed c. is enclosed d. which enclosed 8. I want to acquaint myself _____ the supply position of steel products. a. of b. with c. for d. about 9. We must insist _____ hearing from you within the next 10 days. a. in b. over c. on d. to 10. All prices must be quoted _____ US dollars. a. in b. on c. for d. as 11. As requested, we are _____ our quotation and shall appreciated your placing orders with us as early as possible. a. accepting b. taking c. submitting d. thinking 12. Your import manager wrote us last week that our price was _____ and asked us to secure supplies. a. acceptable b. managerial c. impossible d. unfortunate 13. Our quotation _____30,000 tons of corn is valid for 10 days. a. to b. after c. if d. for 14. Please _____ us for the supply of the items listed in the enclosed inquiry form. a. give b. offer c. quote d. send 15. Please keep us posted of the developments in your market _____ we can adjust our quotations to the extent you indicate. a. so that b. such that c. as long as d. so long as 16. Please let us have your lowest quotation on CIF Lagos basis _____500 pieces of 24” electric fans.

a. in b. at c. for d. on 17. Please reply _____ fax if you find our quotation acceptable. a. in b. with a c. by d. with 18. We agree to the amendments to the contract _____ requested in your letter of May 5. a. to be b. like c. when d. as 19. We can not make any offers as the goods are _____. a. without stock b. out of stock c. no stock d. not in stock 20. We _____ you for the special offer you send us.a. thank b. appreciate c. are grateful d. are indebted 21. We are offering you goods _____ the very high quality. a. of b. at c. for d. with 22. We are pleased to _____ your offer and place a trial order with you. a. make advantage of b. make use of c. take advantage of d. take use of 23. We would make you the following offer, subject to your reply __us not later than May 8. a. reach b. reaching c. reaches d. being reached 24. Please make us your best possible firm offer on CIF New York basis _____ terms of payment and the earliest date of shipment. a. which was stating b. stating c. states d. stated 25. A growing demand can _____ increased price. a. result b. result to c. result in d. result from 26. CIF is a price term, meaning the price includes the cost of goods, the insurance and _____ for carrying the goods up to the destination. a. payment b. freight c. premium d. forwarding 27. As you are our regular customer, we think we may concede _____ price provided you give us an order for a minimum of 100 units. a. with b. at c. in d. to 28. We need an agent in that country to help us to _____ our products. a. market b. display c. dispose d. buy 29. Because of the____nature of the agreement, I was reluctant to discuss with him in office. a. confidential b. reheated c. secret d.sophisticated 30. Our service representative will phone you to make an appointment __your convenience. a. in b. for c. at d. of

31. The bank will, as _____ by the national policies, give joint venture active support. a. called at b. called for c. called forth d. called off 32._____ we would like to co-operate with you, we do not think there is room for a reduction in our price. a. Even b. As c. Much d. Much as 33._____ you can make a reduction of 5% no business is possible. a. In case b. Provided c. If d. Unless 34_____ you can reduce your quotations, we shall have to buy elsewhere. a. Before b. After c. Seeing that d. Unless 35. The contents of the bidding documents mentioned above shall be _____. a. as following b. as followed c. as follow d. as follows 36. All their orders have been _____. a. done b. executed c. effected d. made 37. As you failed to make delivery in time, we have no choice _____ our order with you. a. but to cancel b. but cancel c. but canceling d. but cancelled 38. I have looked _____ your order, and I can assure you that everything is on schedule. a. at b. on c. within d. into 39. We confirm _____ from you the following commodities. a. to purchase b. purchase c. having purchased d. to have purchased40. On October 15, my company entered _____ an agreement with your firm to purchase a total of 18,000 gallons of house paint. a. to b. on c. into d. at 41. Please advise at what price your clients will place orders _____ us. a. of b. for c. by d. with 42. Please indicate on the enclosed your order form____you will place a cash order now. a. when b. whether c. until d. unless 42. But for their assistance our company would not have made such a great progress _____. a. soon than what had expect b. soon than what was expected c. sooner than what was d. sooner than what had been expected 43. We expect _____ a trial order with you in the near future. a. to have placed b. to place c. to placing d. placing 44. We look forward to _____ a trial order. a. receiving b. receive from you c. receipt d. receipt you 45. We trust that the high quality of our products will _____ you to place a repeat order. a. appeal b. induce c. attract d. seduce 46. As our factory is now fully occupied with orders, we regret having to _____yours. a. refuse b. decline c. reject d. return 47. Some customers requested us to _____ our price because they consider it too high. a. bring down b. get down c. put down d. take down 48. The car I bought last week _____ me $3,000.00. a. cost b. spend c. costed d. spent 49. The price of all laptop computers will _____ by 10 percent on May 1. a. depress b. descend c. decline d. devalue 50. We also wish to advise you that the price we quoted are our _____ prices. a. new b. cheap c. rock bottom d. easiest 51. We prefer your quotation _____ CIF San Francisco basis. a. for b. with c. on d. at 52. We are pleased to enclose a _____ quotation for bathroom showers. a. detail b. detailed c. detailing d. details 53. We find your quotation for _____ much too high. a. women blouses b. woman’s blouses c. women’s blouses d. blouses 54. We have been souring from local firms who _____ send us quotations regularly. a. are used to b. use to c. used to d. is used to 55. I am sure we can work out a _____ arrangement to handle the repairs. a. satisfied b. satisfactory c. satisfying d. satisfy 56. I would appreciate _____ me an up-to-date price list for your supplies. a. if you would send b. you send c. that you would send d. your sending 57. Could you allow me _____30 days to clear my account? a. another b. a further c. additional d. an extra 58. At this restaurant, you can pay _____ credit card. a. in b. with c. by d. from II. Put the following sentences into English:1.1.为使我们熟悉贵公司的产品,我们需要一些技术方面的细节。请寄有关产品的说明书,小册子或活页目录。





















III. III.Put the following sentences into Chinese:1.1.We highly appreciate your immediate reply to our Enquiry Note No.2436 regarding hard drives.2.2.Several of my customers have recently expressed interest in your waterproof garments and enquired about their quality. We should be glad if you could send us samples and quotations.3.3.The attached bulletin will give you complete information on vacuum cleaners.4.4.There is likely to be enquiry or order for men’s shirts, please send us quotations and samples in advance.5.5.This is a technical question, which I will have to refer to our technical department.6.6.We have received an enquiry for men’s shirts and request you to send your offer not later thanthe end of this month.7.7.We are grateful to you for having offered us the information about your local markets.8.8.We are happy to have concluded the business with you. Our work was not wasted. The time-taking negotiations were worth our while.9.9.Enclosed is our latest catalog in which Page 14 details the unique features of our laser printers.10.10.We will allow you 10% discount if you purchase 5,000 dozens or more.11.11.Thank you for your interest in our products. We are now sending you our latest catalog and price list by courier service.12.12.We are now interested in purchasing substantial quantity of polyester cotton blended fabrics of following specification. Please quote your rock bottom prices.13.13.We are now in need of the following specialties of your corporation:14.14.We will let you know which items we are interested in as soon as we receive the reference materials.15.15.One of our clients wishes to buy Chinese black tea. Please offer firm CIF EMP prices.16.16.Please note that the prices you quote should be on an FOB Hong Kong basis. Please send us additional detailed information and also a few pound of samples for our examination.17.17.Since the prices of the raw materials have been raised, I’m afraid that we have to adjust the prices of our products accordingly.18.18.To conclude this business, you need to lower your price at least by 3%.19.19.We find it difficult to fill your order at this prices indicated in your letter because of the high cost of raw materials.20.20.Your price is $500/mt, twice of the other countries.21.21.Your Order No.123 was confirmed by our fax of September 15, subject to arrival of credit within 15 days from the date. The 15-day period having expired on October 1st without our receipt of your L/C or hearing any further advice from you. Please let us know when the required L/C was opened.22.22.Business is impossible unless you reduce your price by 2%.23.23.We make you the following offer, subject to your reply reaching us not later than noon time, November 23.24.24.We offer firm for reply before 11 a.m. tomorrow.25.25.We would like to have your offer for 100 metric tons, quality the same as last consignment.26.26.You will see that our offer compares favorably with the quotations you can get elsewhere.27.27.I appreciate your counter-offer but find it too low.28.28.If you make us an offer at competitive prices we can sell a large quantity of chemical products in our district.29.29.It will be appreciated if you will immediately let us have your firm offer for machine tools.务英语信函写作》练习题参考答案

II. Put the following sentences into English:1. To familiarize ourselves with your products, we need some technical details. Please send us literatures, brochures, or leaflets dealing with your products.2. We hope the enclosed brochure will be helpful to you.

3.3.Will you please let us have a list of items that are imported by you?4.4.Many thanks for your letter dated September 6, we have enclosed the current brochure from which you may have a better understanding of our new products.5.5.Thanks for your enquiry dated September 6, we are now sending you our latest pricelist for your reference.

6.6.Congratulations on your newly-opened business in Atlanta. We hope it will mark the beginning of our close cooperation in the years to come.7.7.In the course of our negotiations we have come to a much better understanding of each other, which bears a lot for our future business.8.8.It will be advantageous if steps are taken to resume our business relationship on the basis of mutual benefit.9.9.The conclusion of the deal is certainly not the ending. It is only the beginning, and a good one, of the long and friendly business relations between us.10.10.If you make us an offer at competitive prices we can sell a large quantity in our district.11.11.It is in view of our long-standing business relationship that we accept your counter offer.12.12.It will be appreciated if you will immediately let us have your firm offer for machine tools.13.13.Now we look forward to your replying to our offer.14.14.If you are interested in dealing with us in other products, please inform us of your requirements.15.15.This offer is subject to your reply reaching here before the end of this month.16.16.We are pleased to advise you that we are able to offer a special designing plan for the modification of you new order.17.17.We can’t accept your offer unless the price is reduced by 5%.

18.18.Enclosed are three copies of our catalog, from which we hope you will find your preferences.19.19.Enclosed is our Sales Contract No.HN768 in duplicate. If you find everything in order, please sign and return one copy.20.20.If you can supply goods of the type and quality required, we may place regular orders for large quantities.21.21.Please accept our apology for the delay in replying to your letter of June8. It took us a month to collect the data necessary to answer your questions.22.22.I don’t think I can cut our price to that extent you required. Should I suggest that we meet each other half way?23.23.The price was higher than we can get from other suppliers.24.24.As requested, we are offering 5000 metric tons of soybean subject to your reply reaching here within one week starting from today.25.25.This offer is subject to prior sale.26.26. One of our customers is now interested in Haier refrigerator made in your country. Please offer CIF London for 400 sets to be delivered in April.27.27.We are studying your offer and hope that it will remain open till the end of the month.28.28.They can not accept any fresh orders because of heavy commitments.29.29.We are enclosing our proforma invoice in triplicate for your application for import license.30.30.Our stock is running low since orders keep rushing in. Please place your orders at once.31.31.As the goods are badly needed, we find it necessary to stress the importance of making punctual delivery; any delay in shipment would result in our withdrawal of this order.32.32.I would like to request you to replace the purchase which is found to be the improper one for my usage even though the no-return policy is applied to such an item in your store.33.33.If you insist on your price, we will have no way but turn to other sources for supply.34.34.Our proposal to cut down the price by 7% is reasonably, or else the buyer is entitled to return the goods and ask for compensation as stipulated in the contract.35.35.If you can reduce your price further by 3%, we are likely to increase the market share.


III.Put the following sentences into Chinese:1.非常感谢及时回复我方关于硬盘的第2436号询单。














1、信头 The heading



2、编号(写信人的名字缩写)和日期 The sender name and the date 3、封内地址 The inside address


4、事由 The subject heading

事由也就是我们通常说的主题,可以直接写明信件的重点,让人不必读完全信才了解到信的内容。所以事由要写得简明扼要。5、称呼 The salutation 指对收信人的一种称呼。

较常使用的有Dear Sirs, Dear Madam, Dear Mr. XX,。称呼后面的标点,一般使用逗号。称呼里的第一个字母要大写。6、开头语 The open sentences

开头语没有统一的格式,但习惯上先用客套的语句把收到对方来信的日期,主题及简单内容加以综合叙述,使对方一目了然这是答复哪一封去信的。如果是第一次通信,也可以利用开头语作必要的自我介绍,并表明目的要求。开头语一般与正文分开,自成一节,要求简单明了。7、正文 The body of the letter 信的主体。一封信件的优劣,完全要看正文写的好或坏。我们会在后面继续讨论写作商务信函的一些技巧、规则。8、结尾语 The complimentary close


9、结束语 The complimentary close

结束语是结束信函时的一种客套,应该与前面的称呼相呼应。例如:“Sincerely,”“Best Regards,”or “Yours Truly,”.结束语写在结尾语下隔一行,只有第一个字母大写,后面加逗号。10、签名 The signature

写在结束语的下面,签上写信人的名字。如果是传统的信件,写信人最好亲笔签上您的名字,因为用印章的话,说明该信件并非本人亲自过目,只是通函而已,不为人重视。签名的下面,最好写上发信人的职位。11、附件 Enclosure


Encls:2 Invoices Enc.:1 B/Lading












每一封信函的往来,都是您跟收信人彼此之间的一次交流。人都是感性的,所以您需要在您的信函里体现感性的一面。然而很多人都有一种误解,以为写作商务信函就应该用一种特殊的“生意腔”,于是把一封本来应该是热情而友好的信函写得呆板而死气沉沉。他们宁愿写“Your letter has been received”,“Your complaint is being looked into”而不是“I have received your letter”或者“We are looking into your complaint”。其实我们简单的来理解一下,每次信函的往来不就是跟对方进行了一次交谈吗?只不过是把交谈的内容写到了纸上而已。多用一些简单明了的语句,用我/我们做主语,这样才能让我们的信函读起来热情,友好,就象两个朋友之间的谈话那样简单,自然,人性化。

想象一下,如果您由于无法准时交货而在电话上跟您的合作伙伴表示歉意时,您会怎么说?我想您会说“I am sorry we cannot deliver the goods today”。既然在电话中您会这样说,为什么在信件中要改成“It is regretted that goods cannot be delivered today”?放弃这种所谓的“生意腔”吧,让您的信也像谈话那样简单,自然,人性化。2、语气语调




我们这里所说的礼貌,并不是简单用一些礼貌用语比如your kind inquiry, your esteemed order等就可以的。而是要体现一种为他人考虑,多体谅对方心情和处境的态度。如果本着这样的态度去跟别人交流,那么就算您这次拒绝了对方的要求,也不会因此失去这个朋友,不会影响今后合作的机会。


就像前面提到的,要用简洁朴实的语言来写信函,让您的信函读起来简单,清楚,容易理解。用常见的单词,避免生僻或者拼写复杂的单词。一个单词可以表达,就不要用词组。多用短句,因为短句更容易理解。少用“and”,“but”,“however”,“consequently”这些让句子变得冗长的连词。在同一封信函里,不要使用多个相同含义的单词。比如,您前面写了“goods have been sent”,那后面再提到这件事时就不要再用其他单词如“forward”“dispatch”等。因为这样写会误导您的读者无谓地去考虑这些词之间是否另有含义。8、精确


请在邮件中写上对方公司的名称,或者在信头直接称呼收件人的名字。这样会让对方知道这封邮件是专门给他的,而不是那种群发的通函,从而表示对此的重视。当然,如果您无法确定收信人的名字,那就在称呼一栏里写“Dear Sirs” or “Dear Sir or Madam”。10、语言朴实

前面我们说过,商务信函不需要用华丽的词句。根据西方的语言习惯,他们更愿意使用简练而朴实的语言。所以当我们跟西方人进行商务沟通时,也要尽量避免华丽复杂的词句。比如“We look forward to a bright and glorious future of cooperation”,就不如直接写成“We hope to have the opportunity to work together with you in the future.”,这样才更加符合西方人的语言习惯。11、回复迅速及时


这一点是特别针对写电子邮件的。也许很多人都没有意识到,事实上,E-mail的标题是很重要的一个部分,您的邮件给对方的第一个印象就是通过标题来完成的。如果标题没有内容,看起来象群发的垃圾邮件的话,很多买家就会直接删除。比如这样的标题“How are you?”,“Can we work together?”,建议您改成“Proposal: Bright Ideas Imports--Zhejiang Textile's PartnershipOpportunity”或者“Introduction: Our Product Offerings for Bright Ideas Imports.”这样您的邮件会显得更加专业。13、校对







2006年07月23日星期日15:38 A.建立贸易关系


1.We are willing to eatablish trade relations with your company.2.我们希望与您建立业务往来。

2.Please allow us to express our hope of opening an account with you.3.我们很高兴地附上询价单第××号,请贵方报离岸价格。3.We have pleasure in enclosing our file.4.我们确认向贵方购买……,随函附上订单确认书供参照。

4.We confirm having purchased from you …。A confirmation order is enclosed for your reference. G.请求做代理商


1.We are anxious to contact some British firms with a view to acting as their selling angents.2.如蒙考虑担任销售你们……代理商,我们将十分高兴。

2.We should be glad if you would consider our application to act as agents for the sale of your…。 H.请求报价


1.We are writing to invite quotations for the supply of…2.请将定期供应……之报价赐知。

2.Please let us have a quotation for the regular supply for…3.请将下列货品的最低价格赐知。

3.Kindly quote us your lowest prices for the goods listed below. I.询价


1.We are enclosing here with an inquiry sheet.2.如果贵方对……感兴趣,请告具体询价。

2.If you are interested in our…,please let us know with a specific inquiry.3.一收到贵方具体询价单,我方马上航空邮上样品册并报价。

3.Quotations and sample books will be airmailed to you upon receipt of your specific inquiry. J.价格

1.我们发现你方报价比我们从其他地方收到的略为偏高,请你方降价,以适应竞争。1.We find your quotation slightly higher than those we have received from other sources,and ask you to reduce your price to meet the competition.2.我们很抱歉地通知你方价格无竞争力,若贵方能降低价格,使我方可接受的话,我们仍对交易感兴趣。

2.We‘re sorry to inform you that your price has been found uncompetitive, but we’re still interested in doing business if you can bring down your price to a level acceptable. K.定货

1.我们非常感谢你方对……所作的报价。兹附上我们对下列货品的正式订单。1.We are obliged for our quotation of…and enclose our official order for the following items 2.请速告我方是否能按修改价订货。

2.Please inform us by return whether we may book your order at these revised price.3.假如贵方给百分之五的佣金,我们将向您们试订一批货。

3.We shall book a trial order with you,provided you will give us a 5% commission. L.发货


1.We trust that you will make all necessary arrangements to deliver the goods in time.2.货物按规定应在某月某日前装运,但贵方若能竭力安排早日发货,我们将十分感谢。2.Shipment is stipulated to be made befor…but we would appreciate your trying to arrange to ship the goods at an earlier date.3.因我方急需此货,请尽力将我匀所订货物于6月底前按期出运。

3.As we are in urgent need of the goods,would you please do your utmost to effect shipment of our ordered goods by the end of June as scheduled. M.缺货

1.很遗憾不得不告诉您,我们不能提供贵方在某月某日所定购的货物,因为……1.We are sorry to have to tell you that we cannot supply the goods you ordered on… bexause…


2. We regret we are unable to supply what you require just now.3.我方会留心你方对……的要求,一旦有货,将立即同你方联系。

3. We wil keep in mind your requirement for…and shall contact you once it is N.责问


1.Your failure in delivering the goods within the stipulated time has greatly inconvenienced us.2.非常遗憾不得不告诉你们,于某月某日运到的货物中有一箱已严重损坏。

2.We are sorry to report that one of the cases of your consignment was badly damaged when delivered on…


4. We have received a number of complaints from several of our customers conceming the…supplied by you. Q.索赔


1.The quality of your shipment for our order is not in conformity with the agreed specifications.We must therefore lodge a claim against you for the amount of…2.你方提供的证明是不充分的,因此我方不能考虑你方的索赔要求。

2.The evidence you have provided is inadequate,therefore,we cannot consider your claim as requested.3.我方无法承认贵公司对于包装欠缺所作的损坏赔偿的索赔。

3.We cannot acknowledge your claim for damage due to defective packing. P.付款


1.We have the pleasure of enclosing our cheque in payment of your invoice No,…2.由于此订单的金额甚小,我们希望你方能同意在收到单据后邮汇支付。

2.As the value of this order is rather small,we hope you will agree to payment by mail transfer after receipt of the documents.3.使用支票付款,我公司将保留所有权直到该付之金额贷入我公司银行帐户为止;折扣已包括在价格内。

3.By check payment,we reserve right of ownership until the amount owed is creditedto our bank account;discounts are already included in the pric (一)回复来函


1.We thank you for your letter of Oct.27 and should like to discuss the possibility of expanding trade with you.2.对你努力为我公司产品开拓市场,深表感谢。

2.We appreciate your efforts to explore the market for our products.3.欣悉贵公司新产品已推出上市。

3.It was a pleasure to hear from you that you have marketed the new product 4.很乐意寄上本公司新出品的……目录及价目表。

4.We have pleasure in sending our catalog and price list of newly developed…(一)回复来函


5. We received your samples and price lists on… and are sorry for not having replied arlier as we wished to wait for more favorable news to give you. We are now pleased to…


6.We shall be glad(happy,pleased)to send you any further informaiton you may need.7.接到你某月某日的来信,我们很乐意提议你担任我们的……产品的独家代理商。7. We have received your letter of … and shall be glad to offer you a sole agency for the sale of our products in…


8. We trust you will find our quotation satisfactory and look forward to receivingyour order.(一)回复来函


9. In reply to your inquiry of May10,we are pleased to quotes as follows.10.如果贵公司的价格较其他供应高为低廉,我们将向你们定货。

10. If your prices compare favorably with those of other suppliers we shall send you an order.11.我们高兴地通知你,你方……定货单中所包括的货物,已于今日……运出。11.We are pleased to inform you that the goods included in your order of…… have been sent to you today by…


12.We regret to say that the goods required by you are not available for the time being and for this reason we are unable to supply…


3.This corporation is specialized in handing the import and export business in electronic products and wishes to enter into business relations with you. B.自我推荐


1.Let us introduce ourselves as a leading trading firm in…2.本公司经营这项业务已多年,并享有很高的国际信誉。

2.Our company has been in this line of business for many years and enjoys high international prestige.3.我们的产品质量一流,我们的客户一直把本公司视为最可信赖的公司。

3.Our products are of very good quality and our firm is always regarded by ourcustomers as the most reliable one. C.推销产品


1.Your name has been given by…and we like to inquire whether you are interested in these lines.2.我们新研制的……已推出上市,特此奉告。

2.We are pleased to inform you that we have just marketed our newly-developed…。3.我们盼望能成为贵公司的……供应商。

3.We are pleased to get in touch with you for the supply of…。4.我们的新产品刚刚推出上市,相信您乐于知道。

4.You will be interested to hear that we have just marketed our new product.5.相认您对本公司新出品的……会感兴趣。

5.You will be interested in our new product……。 D.索取资料

1.我们对贵方的新产品……甚感兴趣,希望能寄来贵公司的产品目录及价目表。1.We are interested in your new product…and shall be pleased to have a catalog and price list.2.我们从纽约时报上看到贵公司的广告,但愿能收到产品的价目表及详细资料。2.We have seen your advertisement in The New York Times and should be glad to have your price lists and details of your terms.3.获知贵公司有……已上市,希望能赐寄完整的详细资料。

3.We hear that you have put…on the market and should be glad to have full details


4.We should appreciate full particulars of your newly developed product.5.如蒙赐寄有关……的样品和价目表,我们将甚为感激。

5.We should be obliged if you would send us patterns (or samples)and price lists of your… E.寄发资料


1.We are pleased to send you by parcel post a package containing…2.欣寄我方目录,提供我方各类产品的详细情况。

2.We have pleasures in sending you our catalogue,which gives full information about our varrous products.3.欣然奉上我方产品样品,在贵方展厅展出。

3.We should be pleased to let you have samples to give a demonstration at your premises 4.为使贵方对我方各种款式的手工艺品有一初步了解,今航邮奉上我方目录和一些样品资料,供您们参考。

4.In order to give you some idea of various qualities of handicrafts we carry,we have pleasure in forwarding you by airmail one catalogue and a few sample books for your perusal. F.附寄资料


1.You will find enclosed with this letter a sample of new…

2.随函附上购货合同第××号两份,希查收,谅无误。请会签并退我方一份备案。2.Enclosed please find two copies of Purchase Contract No.…,which we trust willbe found in order.Kindly sign and return one copy for our file.