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Home phone:(123)9999-1234 Work phone:(123)9999-5678 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

Marketing Manager (Melbourne)1995-present time The Wine and Food Emporium Duties:

-Manage a staff of 18 people

-Liaise with advertising agencies (above and below the line) and brief in all campaigns

-Responsible for $15 million dollar advertising budget and $80 million turnover

-Launched two new brands onto national market gaining 15 per cent and 22 per cent market share respectively within two years, earning the MIA’s 1998 Award for Best New Product.

-Generated over $200,000 of free trade-journal publicity Marketing Research Manager 1990-1996 Di Pastio Pasta Products (Queensland) Duties:

-Merchandise products in supermarkets -78 stores -Build in-store promotional displays (12 product lines)

-Liaise with store managers and advise on re-ordering quantities (increased average store buy by 28 per cent in six months)




Efficient supervisor seeks a team leader position to help increase productivity and meet or exceed company goals.


Extensive and diversified supervisory experience in computer,office furniture,and boat manufacturing operations.Particularly effective in increasing productivity and capavcity.Demonstrated ability to learn new skills quickly.Able to supervise new departments without prior experience and meet production goals.Successfuily motivate employees.Excellent interpersonal skills.Gained reputation for honesty and placed in a position of trust.


Supervised the start-up of second shift shipping department.Trained new employees,reached full capacity while maintaining quality and production goals. Instructed Quality Development courses.

Participated in upgrading assembly systems at Lennon and Epstein Systems.

Consistently met and/or surpassed production goals.Supervised same day shipping of orders. Participated with Lennon management team in the move of logistics,service operations from St.Paui to Winona facility.Received cash achievement award for this project.

Operated computerized warehouse management,inventory control and order processing systems.

Researched requirements and supervised the development of a high-tech paint laboratory including procurement and staffing.

Planned,arranged and supervised rework groups which traveled to on-site locations to perform engineering repairs and other problem-solving activities.

Supervised development of new preassembled components of cabin cruisers at Howell Boat Company.

Consistently built and maintained strong relationships with vendors and customers through close and effective communication.

Supervised,scheduled and coordinated production of four departments in a metal fabrication operation.


Since candidate has held six jobs as production supervisor,he/she chooses not to repeat samejob description six times.

Instead,candidate summarizes work history underSummary of Accomplishments







* 基本技能:听、说、读、写能力

* 标准测试:国家四、六级;TOEFL;GRE.....








(如果你还有什么要写上去的,请填写在这里!)* 附言:(请写出你的希望或总结此简历的一句精炼的话!)例如:相信您的信任与我的实力将为我们带来共同的成功!或希望我能为贵公司贡献自己的力量!简历模板(七)编辑20070516:37来源:


姓名:XXX 性别:女民族:汉政治面目:团员

学历(学位):硕士专业:中国现当代文学联系电话:12345678手机:13901111234联系地址:北京市东城区XX大街10号邮编:100007 Email Address:12345678@sohu.com 呼机:66806688-1234





*熟练操作windows平台上的各类应用软件(如Word97、Excel97、Powerpoint Internet Explorer、Netscape Communicator等)
















目标就是发展方向,而且很多雇主在你申请工作的时候都想要知道你的就业目标。这能帮助他们决定你是否适合这份工作。在简历的第一部分加上一个叫做Objective开头并写一段短小的陈述。例如: To work in a dynamic marketing department.


责任是指定的任务。成就是完成的成绩-你努力后获得的正面的成果。雇主希望知道你在过去从事的工作中担任何种职责,并对你获得的成就更感兴趣。因此当谈到过去的工作,稍稍吹嘘一点!提到特别获得的成就。例如:你的一项职责就是安排员工的工作,而你解决了一项很大的安排问题。写上,Solved scheduling conflict.


虽然你有很多要说的,但是空间有限,简历写作的标准允许你使用缩写句。可以省略句子主题(e.g. I, my manager),物主代词,(my/mine, his/hers),以及有时甚至冠词(the, a)。如果你在一句句子中要列出不止一个成就的话你可以用and取代分号。例如:“我负责一项非常重要的项目而且我的经理给予了我奖励”可以写成Led key project; awarded by manager.


行为动词表示一个特殊的行为,例如Action solved, managed, initiated, accomplished。助动词有 am, was, have和had。在简历中,行为动词让你听起来更有目的性,更充满活力-即是想要雇佣的那种类型!例如: Managed a team of 20 employees 听起来比Was in charge of 20 employees.更有权利

























1Personal Resume Name:Zhang Lu Date of Birth: Mar.1990

Gender: female

Nationality:Han Education Background:undergraduate Major:financial Postal Code:710082

Mobile Phone:13429761598 Graduate from:Shaanxi University of Technology Address:No.136, Laodong Village, Laodong Street, Lianhu District, Xi’an Email Address:980952301@qq.com Career Objective:

Job Category: full-time Job Objective:Finance, Audit, Tax, Banking, Marketing, Human Resources, Administration, Secretary Expected Industry: Finance, Banking, Investment, Fund, Securities, Energy, Mineral, Mining, Smelting, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical, Aviation, Aerospace Industry, Consulting, Management, Legal, Accounting, Electrical, Power, Hydropower Projects Expected Working Place:Xi’an Expected Salary:2000-4000 RMB Current Status: graduating student

Personal Dates:

Technical Qualifications and Special Skills:


Accounting Certificate


The third prize form “Dance Match” from Shaanxi University of Technology in 2010“Advanced Individual” from the Shaanxi University of Technology students’ union

2in 2010“Outstanding Student Workers” form students’ union of College of Management

in 2010“Outstanding Student Workers” form the University Student Union in 2011

Working Experience:2011.072011.08 As a salesman in Vanguard, I worked eight hours a day. According to different demands of customers, I introduced diverse advantages of the edible oil. I was trying my best to satisfy the need of the customers, so my achievement was outstanding. After more than one month of practice experience, I leant a lot. My character is optimistic and outgoing. Although my major is finance, I often read the book about marketing. I would like and prefer working in this industry.

2010.072010.08 Working as an assistant coach in the Xi’an Kaixiang Outward Bound Centre. The outward bound is military management. I mainly help the coaches to management and training more than 100 problem children. After daily training and communication, students and I became very good friends. I often encouraged peer students to make their own and correct problems. I benefit a lot form the 2 month of hard training, and become more tough and hard-working.


I worked as an intern in Shaanxi Branch of Zhongyi Accounting Firm. During the internship, it enforced my social understanding and the abilities to recognize, observe and solve the problems. So that I can quickly adapt and integrate into future works. And I got the knowledge to make out vouchers, accounting statements, and the audit report and asset evaluation. My theoretical knowledge was fully trained during the practice, and this made me have a better understanding of what I had learnt and enhanced my professional skills. At the same time, I also learnt how to

3work in cooperation with people and get along well.

Language ability:

English: good at reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Position in School: The minister of the safety and the Rights Department of students’ union: help the college teacher management student in all grade in safety and equities. And assist the study ministry to develop the class activities.

Programming Ability:

2012.03-2012.07 Qihang College Students Internship and Part-time Network Station Project Duties: responsible for financial and market with classmates Project Description: This project is what we use to take part in the National College Students Entrepreneurship Competition. In campus, we can find a few internship and part-time job advertisings in notice board. However, these advertisings are rare, have less information and easy broken. This is a stumbling block in the way we find an internship and part-time job. Practice plays a pivotal role in the growth of college students, so 8 of us team together to learn how to create set up this project. Our aim is to help the college students to find more internships and part-time jobs. Meanwhile, it can help the enterprises to do good conduct propaganda and promotion.

Training Experience:2012.04 Study Ministry of Shaanxi University of Technology

Training Courses: Ideological and political education, Document writing training, Computer office operation training, Mental health lecture, Etiquette and reception lecture,

4the outdoors diathesis development activities Certificate: the student cadre training certificate Location: Shaanxi University of Technology

Self-assessment: I am extroverted and sociable person with strong language expression capability. Due to three years’ experience in student union, it made me possess the team spirit and organizing ability. What’s more is that I can operate the office software skilled. There are many other merits, such as agile thinking, high working initiative, conscientious, responsible and hard-working.










Resume of ZMZ


High level management position with high technology corporation. Be able to apply strong team building, project management and business development skills cumulated in passed years. Utilize strong R&D skills in communication, network and software development in product development.


An integrated person with rich management experience and extensive R&D skills. More than 6 years department and project management experience in first class high technology companies. Strong experience in team building, processes establishment and improvement, particularly for communication and software products. Skilled in customer oriented communication and coordination. More than 10 years SW/HW R&D experiences in wireless communication, IP network and software development industry, from system level design to partial function implementation.

Special skills in:

Strong experience in team building, project management and coordination.

Software development lifecycle and process management.

Project planning, budget control and manage deliverables on schedule.

Business development and customer oriented communication.

Solid knowledge of wireless communication technologies such as GSM, TDMA, CDMA and 3G systems such as WCDMA and UMTS.

Expert of wire/wireless voice/data communication system design, protocol analysis and implementation, such as GSM Phase2+, GPRS, SS7, INAP, ISUP and so on.

Strongly experienced in C/C++, VB, Java, Tcl/Tk, OO programming.

Strongly experienced in hardware system design and embedded system design.

Network programming and routing protocols' implementation such as BGP4, OPSF, MPLS, VPN and so on.

Fluently speak: Chinese, English and Japanese.



2001.02- 2001.09: Famous Technologies Canada Inc., Vancouver, Canada Principal Engineer

1999.11- 2001.02: Famous Technologies China Software Design Center (Agilent CSDC)Beijing, P.R China

Department Manager

1997.10- 1999.11: Hewlett Packard-SciTech Joint Software Design Center

Beijing, P.R China

Project Manager

1995.08- 1997.10: Golden Cellular Communication Co., Ltd.(GCC)

Beijing, P.R. China

Director of R&D department

1989.01- 1995.08: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Lecturer and Researcher


1. Management

Created and expanded a department from two engineers working for one customer to more than 30 engineers working with three customers within 1.5 years. The company's revenue then increased 300%.

Successfully managed more than 8 projects and cooperated with three customers in three years. All the projects were released on schedule, with high quality that made company's business grow quickly.

Created and improved the software development processes to match the requirements of ISO 9001 or CMM system.

Working for a new communication company, created an R&D department starting with 3 engineers and extending to 24 engineers within 1.5 years. Managed the development of three new products, one of them was delivered to the market in 1.5 years.


2. Research and Development

Key developer in QuickTest project which provides quick solutions for router manufacturers by using Router Tester to test routing protocols and features such as BGP, OSPF, MPLS, VLAN, VPN and so on.

Successfully managed a team to develop the GSM Phase2+, GPRS and UMTS protocol sets for Signaling Advisor and another team to develop SS7 protocol sets for Agilent acceSS7 system.Managed, participated and delivered the following projects to customer successfully with high quality and on schedule, such as CDMA system (IS-95A, IS-95B and cdma2000 systems) modeling projects for HP EEsof ADS (Advanced Design System) tool. System design and control software development for CDMA WLL (wireless local loop) system.Key designer and developer of a Packet Radio Network and the Spectrum Spread Data Link Bridge for a Wireless LAN.


1986.9- 1989.1: Master of Electronic Engineering

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

1980.9- 1984.8: Bachelor of Electronic Engineering

Shanghai Railway College, Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering, Shanghai, China

Behavior Interview, May 1998, Hewlett Packard Academy

Project Start-up, June 1998, Hewlett Packard Academy

Project Management Fundamentals, May 1999, Hewlett Packard AcademyAdvanced Planning and Risk Management, April 1999, Hewlett Packard Academy


1. IEEE senior member, member of Communication Society, Computer Society and Signal Processing Society.

2. Member of China Electronic Association.

3. The First Award of Management Contribution of Agilent China Software Design Center.


4.1992, Second Award of Science and Technology Progress in MEI of China.

Reference Available Upon Request.4


英文求职个人简历范文英文求职个人简历范文 English Resume: RESUME Name: Lizhi Li (Paul Li) Gender: Male Date of Birth:1978/08/28 Mobile:0139..... Function: Planning & International Direct Shipments 010-57960888 Current Salary:30,000-40,000(RMB)/Year Work Experience:5 Years Email: Keyword Summary An honest boy with strong time idea, carefulness, patience, seriousness and hard-working, be willing to study and take up any challenge, always trying my best to complete everything successfully. Career Objective Type of Employment: Full-Time Desired Salary: RMB3,500-5,000/Month Desired Position: Logistics (shipping), overseas customer service, production management Work Experience 2000/07-- SUNLANDA (QING YUAN) TOYS & PLASTICS CO., LTD.[AMERICA ENTERPRISE] PLANNING DEPARTMENT Planning & International Direct Shipments This company is specialized in PVC vinyl zipper bags, I'm responsible for all international direct shipments, including customer service, production schedule, logistics (shipping), preparing all necessary export documents. Beginning from March,2005, I'm also responsible for all subcontract business. I have some acknowledgement on MRP system and ISO9001:2000 too. Education 1997/09--2000/06 HUNAN LIGHT INDUSTRY COLLEGE CHINESE & ENGLISH SECRETARY Associate During my college life, I have learned Secretary, English, International business, OA, Administration Management, File, Statistics, Sales & Marketing, Western Economic etc. As a result of my hard working, I gained scholarship more than once, passed national college English test (CET) band-4, and have gained qualification certificate of intermediate secretary. Also, I joined in some campus clubs such as English club, communism volunteer organization etc.; lived a part-work and part-study life for years; was given the honors "HUNAN LIGHT INDUSTRY COLLEGE 2000TH EXCELLENT GRADUATE"&"HUNLAN PROVINCE 2000TH EXCELLENT COLLEGE GRADUATE". Training 2002/5 SUNLANDA (QING YUAN) TOYS & PLASTIC CO., LTD. Designing Product Spec. Under Mr. Ken Ku's instruction, who is from its' head office in U.S.A, leaning how to design product specifications, which describes material requests, size and position of each panel in both English and Chinese, for plants doingsamples & price quotes purpose just according to messages or drawings provided by customers or salesmen.2003/2 Gateway Language Village (Zhuhai city) I spend my Spring Festival holiday on its' one week special English course. Computer Skills I am familiar with OFFICE family systems and INTERNET and INTRANET. Language Skills English, very Good; Chinese (Mandarin), fluent; Cantonese, good Certifications 1999/12 QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATE OF INTERMEDIATE SECRETARY 1999/09 CET4


Educate training background

On September 1,2001 to July 1,2005 Tienjin college of commerce market marketing bachelors degree Occupation technical ability The English profession hear stronger English of the ability of read and write six classes Usage and maintenance of the calculator database the nation be second class The secretary has the technical ability of secretary, assistant, masterly applied transact a software nation x-rated Evaluate by ones own 1, more abundant advertisement plan, carry out and market marketing experience 2, stronger study ability 3, excellent organization, moderate and communicate ability The work experience

On August 2,2005 up to now:The sea Er whole kitchen department advertisement department Advertisement plan manager national and large activity, start practice of plan, performance Be responsible for shop front to manage a work everyday to April,2005 true store of Wei Si long assistant in November,2004 On September 1,2000 to July 1,2004:College of commerce market marketing knowledge in the Tienjin study Item experience

March,2006:The sea Er exhibition in kitchen Hangzhou will be responsible for the cloth exhibition of the spot and join the exhibition of related affair The responsibility describe:The item participates a person The customer evaluate:GoodMarch,2006:The national monopoly store green experiences personally a large ctivity plan a performance The responsibility describe:The representative director of the item The customer evaluate:Good April,2006:The sea Er whole kitchen Qingdao Dun turns road flagship a store to start practice the plan and performance of project The responsibility describe:The item participates a person The customer evaluate:Good May,2006:The whole country is green universal storm the large ctivity plan carry out The responsibility describe:The representative director of the item The customer evaluate:Good June,2006:The national world cup Jing guesses the plan and performance of activity The responsibility describe:The representative director of the item The customer evaluate:Good July,2006:Join the exhibition of the sea Er whole green Bo meeting in kitchen Qingdao The responsibility describe:The representative director of the item The customer evaluate:Excellent July,2006:The plan performance of the sea Er whole ice great salon activity of"summer cool" of the road flagship store of kitchen Fuzhou The responsibility describe:The representative director of the item The customer evaluate:Good August,2006:The whole kitchen of the "international sail boat match in the Qingdao" sea Er join the exhibition The responsibility describe:The representative director of the item The customer evaluate:GoodSeptember,2006:The plan performance of "the soufun house resides 100 webmaster of net line in Qingdao" activity The responsibility describe:The representative director of the item The customer evaluate:Excellent September,2006:The sea Er whole news conference of kitchen Peking The responsibility describe:The item participates a person The customer evaluate:Excellent October,2006:The sea Er whole arched bridge road flagship store of kitchen Shanghai starts practice a plan performance The responsibility describe:The item participates a person The customer evaluate:Good October,2006:The national middle-class family kitchen appears on market the plan performance of activity The responsibility describe:The representative director of the item The customer evaluate:Good December,2006:Nanking zero formaldehydes appear on market the plan and performance of activity The responsibility describe:The item participates a person The customer evaluate:Good January,2007:The plan which reside the profession sea south forum of Bo Ao in the Chinese house The responsibility describe:The item participates a person The customer evaluate:Good April,2007:Zero formaldehyde kitchens in the Qingdao, Shanghai appear on market an activity The responsibility describe:The representative director of the itemThe customer evaluate:Excellent Other elucidation

Compare stronger organization coordination ability and the team cooperation spirit, reaction nimble, diligent, vivid contingency.Be good at communicating with person, study ability strong.


个人信息:姓名:谢小姐国籍:中国目前住地:广州民族:汉族户籍地:广州身高体重:164 cm 52 kg 婚姻状况:未婚年龄:27岁求职意向及工作经历人才类型:普通求职应聘职位:会计/会计师:会计、行政/人事主管/助理:行政人事、出纳/收银:出纳工作年限:6 职称:初级求职类型:全职可到职日期:随时月薪要求:面议希望工作地区:广州工作经历:2004/07-2005/08广东桥兴达包装材料有限公司行政专员**处理人力资源及一般行政工作,包括办理员工劳动手续,社会保险及办公室行政事项。**按照国家劳动法及人事工作流程,结合ISO9000:2000管理体系,建立企业相关管理制度。**企业人才的发展规划及员工的招聘引进工作员工素质提高培训,建立企业文化。**建立员工激励制度,凝聚一支团结向上的队伍,训练员工团队合作精神。2003/01-2004/06广东桥兴达包装材料有限公司出纳**按照国家有关现金管理和银行结算制度的规定,办理现金收付业务和银行结算业务。**根据收付业务和银行结算业务登记《现金日记帐》及《银行存款日记帐》**开具各种发票收据,协助会计人员办理日常税务事项。2001/1212广东桥兴达包装材料有限公司仓务主管**准确高效完成仓库货品的进、销、存管理等日常工作。**定期组织实地盘点,确保帐实相符。**根据各种货品的销售情况进行分析,协助货品的采购。**建立风险管理制度,减低公司库存管理风险。1999/08-2001/07安利中国日用品有限公司数据助理**整理客户档案、分类处理,数据核对。教育背景毕业院校:广州大学最高学历:大专毕业日期:200201所学专业:商务英语第二专业:财务会计培训经历:2005/04-现在广东外语外贸大学英语本科1999/09-2002/07广州大学商务英语大专1998/09-1995/07中山财政金融学校财务会计中专语言能力外语:英语良好国语水平:良好粤语水平:优秀工作能力及其他专长熟练使用Windows,Word,Excel,速达3000XP、WISECRM客户关系软件,用友ERP软件,中文/英文打字及数字键盘。详细个人自传性格开朗,工作稳健、认真、细心、忠于职守,保密意识强,能够严格遵守财务制度,积极主动完成本职工作,接受挑战,具有团队精神。




个人简历的英译很多,如"personnel vita"、"autobiographical statement"、"personal statement"、"autobiography"、"resume"。其中"resume"写法稍有不同。个人简历一般应简要写明本人所受教育、专业兴趣、工作经历、所取得的成绩及家庭背景。




i have the honor to present a brief introduction of myself to you in compliance with the requirements of your graduate admission i was born in november 7th,1966, at the town of changing, beijing. my parents are doing business and farming. i have one elder sister, one younger sister, and two younger brothers. the family is in a well-to-do country with harmonized atmosphere. after myelementary and junior high school education at my hometown, i went on my senior high school education at a public vocational technical high school at the neighboring county fangshan. courses i have taken there include: mechanical structure, applied mechanical dynamics, material strength, heat treatment analysis, and electrical engineering. i also had practice courses on lathe work, bench work, casting, engineering drawing, and electronic television repair skill. after graduation from this technical school, i found a job at the evergreen traffic corp. when i had worked one year in mechanical design and heat treatment analysis, i was admitted to the computer science department of beijing institute of technologies. computer science education was an extension of my pursuit in electronic knowledge, it had led me into the world of applied electronics. courses i had taken are: calculus, computer programming (fortran, cobol, assembly, and basic), computer architecture, algorithm, maintenance, system analysis, and some related courses in accounting, statistics, operating research, digital value analysis. beginning at the second year of college, i participated in a work study program and was assigned to the computer center of far east textile corp. as night-shift computer operator, the computers i dealt with were cdc 3300 msos and ibm 370-115 dos/vs system. the major work i had done was the system transference of cdc 3300: msos to ibm 370-115 dos/vs. in 1989, i was employed by china automobile corp. as a computer programmer, and was informed to work on the first of june. for the first six months of my service, i was in charge of the ibm 4331; dos/ vse system operation, and later on dealt with