范文1:英文简历格式 个人简历范文 resume

TANG TIAN #5 Fu Shi Road, Building 9, Apt.54 Beijing, China 100114 Cell:186****0011 tangtian@yahoo.cn


Software Tester, Web Designer


Web designing, programming, software testing skills, Intermediate English language writing and oral skills, Advanced Chinese (Mandarin) writing and oral skills, like badminton,running and other sports, interested in paining and singing, independent, decisive and friendly.


2012-2015 North China Technological University, Beijing China,Masters of Computer Technology, additional studies in English writing and conversation, Thesis: the Database Structural Optimization Technology Research and Application.

2008-2012 Century College of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China, Bachelor of Digital Media Technology, studies in computer technology used in multimedia.

2005-2008 Chongqing NO.1 Middle School, Chongqing, China, general academic studies.


2012 Yihai Media Company, Beijing, China, Junior web designer, duties included collect material and draft design.

2010 Beijing Geyi’en Network Technology Co.,Ltd, Junior Software Tester, duties included find out errors and submit bug reports.


2011 Second-class scholarship, Century College of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

2010 Third-class scholarship, Century College of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.


Born and raised in Kai County, Chongqing, China. Unmarried, Communist Party Member.


Zhang Jian Wei, manager, Yihai Media Company, Beijing, China, cell:13744356789

Li Yang, software engineer, Beijing Geyi’en Network Technology Co.,Ltd, Beijing, China, cell:1546784969

Professsor Liu Ye, North China Technological Universtity, Beijing, China, Department of Computer Science, cell:13200004564


Resume Name: Jie Zhan Sex: female Date of birth: October 30th,1991 Marital status:single Citizenship:Chinese Address:Room 222 building 8,NO.1101 Road Lushan District Tanggu, Tianjin Post code:300451 Telephone:0557-5996394(home)18202605102(mobile) E-Mail:935860544@qq.com

EDUCATION: September,2011 to July,2014;Tianjin Coastal Polytenic Major:Electronic business Main courses:Introduction to E-commerce,Enterprise management and training,Customer relationship management,Online payment and security,Multimedia technology,Homepage design and manufacture,etc. Language:English CET4:442,September,2012 Computer:NIT:October,2011 Awards:The second prize in E-commerce sand table simulation contest in 2012, Tianjin;

The third prize in LOGO design contest in 2012; Scholarship:The first prize of Tianjin Coastal Polytenic Membership:President of Electronic Commerce Association Interests and hobbies:reading,watching TV,walking

WOER AND EXPERIENCE: July to September 2012:KFC Position:servicer Duties:receive the customs,order, clean,end the activity.








获奖情况:2012年天津市电子商务沙盘模拟比赛二等奖 Logo设计比赛三等奖奖学金:天津滨海学院一等奖会员:电子商务协会会长兴趣爱好:看书,看电视,散步工作经历:



范文3:Resume 英文简历













1编写相关程序文件,参考文件等;2 协调QC与车间的沟通;

3检验记录分析,不良品的处理;4 量具厂外送校&修;5 验收新购的仪器量具;








Resume Self evaluation

More than ten years of work experience, worked in American top 500 enterprises for nine years, seven years of which presided over the product quality of suppliers, very familiar with the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area. Two years’ managerial experience of QA laboratory, responsible for calculating and selecting of the instruments and measuring implements. Responsible, attentive, having great team spirit and communication skills. Work experience From 2003/06 till now: Cooper China Holding Co., Ltd 1. In charge of the product quality of every business division in Cooper Asia procurement center.2. With in-depth understanding of the punching press, plastics, instruments, lamps and lanterns, machining, pressure casting and other products.

3. Proficient in using conventional measuring instruments.4. Much familiar with the suppliers of Jiangsu and Zhejiang area.5. Capable of assisting the company to build QC team.1. In charge of QA laboratory management of Cooper Asia procurement center (equipment, personnel, environment).2. In charge of the management of QA instruments /measuringimplements, consisting of:2.1 Made and altered of program file and other relevant file 2.2 Managed the account of the instruments /measuring implements 2.3 Purchased the instruments /measuring implements, and made the first calibration 2.4 Developed the new instruments /measuring implements suppliers 2.5 Borrowed/ transferred the instruments /measuring implements to the suppliers temporarily 2.6 Communicated with the suppliers for the measuring implements 2.7 Reclaimed and recalibrated the instruments /measuring implements 2.8 In charge of contacting and offering the third party experiment 3. In charge of the management training on measuring implements On the whole, offered guarantee to the instruments /measuring implements of Cooper Asia procurement center.2001/08--2003/06: Molex Connecters (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.1. Wrote relevant program files, reference files, etc.2. Coordinated the communication between QC and workshop 3. Inspected, recorded and analyzed, treatment of defective products 4. Sent measuring implements to have calibration and repair 5. Checked and accepted the new purchasing instruments measuring implements 6. Made classified storage of instrument instructions, manufacturer information, verification report 1999/06--2001/08: Qiaoxun Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd. In charge of inspection of products and treatment of defective products, assisted the quality engineer to analyze the cause of defective products Education Experience 1996/09--1999/07 Xinye vocational technology school machinery vocational high school Training Experience 2008/02-2008/06 Shanghai Supervision of quality and Technique Training Center the big three and thread gage






GUANGZHOU SANYU HOTEL Job Duty: floor service PAPA JOHN’S Job Duty:order,serve the dishes GUANGZHOU INTERNATIONAL CENTER Job Duty:pass dish

Remark: BAIYUN 2015.10 CONVENTION 2014.10 Working Experience

University PLACE OF BIRTH:Guangdong AGE:19 HEIGHT(cm):163 WEIGHT(kg):53 NATIONALITY:china MARITAL STATUS:unmarried FATHER NAME:HE LIZHONG EARLIEST JOINING DATE:June 1,2016 PERIOD FROM (Month/Year)2012.09 of 2015.03

TO (Month/Year)2015.01 So far

Hotel service and management Tourist service and management

MAJOR Finance&Economics PERIOD FROM (Month/Year)2013.10 TO (Month/Year)2013.11 housemaid POSITON 2015.1 Part-time waitress 2015.12 Banquet waitress


Fei, Wang(female, Master of engineering)6 Chamber 702 Room, Student Apartments in Xiamen University, Fujian,361005 E-mail: lincywong@111.com Tel:12345678900

Job Objective:Education & Training Department Educational Background

●2012.09~Today, Control Theory and Control Engineering Major in Xiamen University, Master Degree, RANK:6/19 Core Courses: Linear System, Functional Analysis, Applied Nonlinear Control, Matrix Theory

●2008.09~2012.06, Measuring Control and Instrument Major in Guangxi University of Science and Technology, Bachelor Degree, RANK:1/87 Core Courses: Signal and Systems, Automatic Control, Circuit Principle, Analog Circuit, Process Control, Computer control Technique,●2013.11~Now, Building new website for School of Law, Xiamen University ●2013.11~2014.09, Simulation Operating System for a submarine ●2012.10~2013.07, Street lamp monitoring system for Xinglin Bridge

Program Experiences


●2013.12~2014.06, I worked in ehealth-China. It is a foreign company, which is head quartered in Los Angeles in US. I worked as a QA engineer in engineering department and be responsible for testing the function of the new product to be published meets the requirements or not.

Campus Activities

●2013.10~now, Monitor of Post-gradual Class in Xiamen University

Be responsible for class activities can be proceed smoothly and help classmates in learning, life, and work ●2013.10~2014.09, Vice Secretary of Party Branch in Xiamen University

Increasing the party branch battle efficiency and raising the party member the quality ●2013.10~2014.07, Vice Minister of External Liaison Department in Xiamen University

Seeking sponsorship for various activities, such as welcome party, Initiation Party, send old party ●2010.10~2011.07, Head Teacher Assistant in Guangxi University of Science and Technology The model of head teacher assistant is an effective approach to manage the new class. It might be make up the weakness that existed in the head teacher’s work ●2009.10~2010.07, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department in Guangxi University of Science and Technology Be responsible for the activities of the college propaganda’s work and training new members of Student Union

Conclusion: With these campus activities, I have improved the abilities of organization and coordination, verbal expression, communication skill and practical working. Vocational Skills

● Professional skills: Proficiency in the use of statistical analysis software of MATLAB, SQL Server and Visual Studio 2012● English skill: CET-6(524/710). Be good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing ● IT skills: Proficient operation of MS Office Software; frequent user of the computer language C

Honors and Awards

●2014.05 Excellent Student Leader in Xiamen University ●2013.12 Excellent Assistant of information science and technology college in Xiamen University ●2012.06 Excellent Member of CPC in Guangxi University of Science and Technology ●2011.10 Awarded the Third Prize of National Mathematics Contest for College Students ●2009.10~2011.10 Awarded National Endeavor Fellowship in Guangxi University of Science and Technology for three years Self-assessment

My biggest advantage is energetic with a strong enterprising spirit and a career-ambition. The biggest disadvantage is too harsh on myself and bits of a perfectionist. I believe that only appropriate pressure can stimulate the maximum of my potential.


Resume 简历

简历,顾名思义就是对一个人的求学、工作、社会活动等主要经历所作的简要概括。美国英语借用了一个法语词résumé来表示,也可以写作resume。英国英语中使用的是CV出自拉丁文curriculum vitae。写好一份简历并不是件容易的事。它要求我们能遵循某些约定俗成的内容和形式,借助精心策划、组织的版面格式,运用一定的写作技巧,将自己最具光彩的一面展示出来,以尽量让自己的简历在突出自身专长和强项的同时又特别符合应聘单位的需求条件。

Part I Occasions That Call for Writing (书写场合)



Part II How to Write (如何书写)简历的格式并无既定的范本,其格式可根据招聘单位的要求灵活多样。一份简历所能提供的信息主要包括个人资料、求职目标、教育背景、工作经历、特殊技能、荣誉奖励、资格证书、兴趣爱好、推荐人士等等。个人资料:求职目标:注明你想要申请的具体工作或职位,有时还须简要说明自己对将来发展方面的明确规划






最后表示:I hope to have the opportunity of discussing the position further …

Part III What not to Write (避免提及)



…Part IV Tips on Writing (注意事项)…





Part V Useful Words and Phrases(单词和短语) A. Words (单词)

n.性别1 gender n.男性/女性2 male/female n.国籍3 nationality n.地址4 address n.邮编5 zip code/post code n.<美>[教]主修课6 major adj.修的,成年的,大调的 vi.主修

n.未成年人,副修科目 minor adj.较小的,次要的,二流的,未成年的 vi.辅修 n.必修课程 required course n.选修课 elective course n.(学位)论文,专题,论述,学术演讲 dissertation

n.学位,地位,身份 degree n.文凭,毕业证书,荣誉等的证书,奖状 diploma Master of Science degree abbr.硕士,理科硕士

78 91011121314151617181920212223242526(M.S., MS) Master of Arts degree (M.A., MA) bachelor undergraduate graduate Ph D candidate scholarship student union Youth League committee student leader monitor on-campus job off-campus job adviser/advisor, boss abbr.学硕士


n.大学肄业生,(尚未取得学位的)大学生 n.(大学)毕业生,研究生 abbr.博士学位研究生 n.奖学金,学问,学识

n.(大学的)学生活动大楼,学生会 n.共青团 n.学生干部 n.班长校内兼职校外兼职 n.导师

2728293031323334353637383940 n.能力 ability n.候选人 candidate

n.证明 certificate a.全面的 comprehensive v.区别 distinguish v.鼓励 encourage n.想象 imagination v.执行 implement v.自愿 volunteer n.职业 professional n.机会 opportunity v.结合 integrate v.鼓励 inspire a.相当于 equivalent B. Phrases (常用短语)

1. ability to adapt to a new environment 适应新环境的能力 His ability to adapt to a new environment is unquestionable.他适应新环境的能力不容置疑。

2. interpersonal skills 人际之间交往能力

Her interpersonal skills win her friends everywhere.她的人际之间交往能力使她在各地都赢得了朋友。3. technical skills 专门技术

Technical skills are required to do this job well.做好这项工作需要专门技术。

4. collaborate with 合作

John collaborates with his father in writing the book.约翰和他父亲合作写作这本书。

5. able to explain facts and statistics clearly and succinctly 能简明地解释事实和数据 He is able to explain facts and statistics clearly and succinctly in any cases.任何情况下他都能简明地解释事实和数据

6. a good working knowledge of 良好的专业知识

I have a good working knowledge of environment protection.我有良好的环境保护的专业知识。7. best quality 最大优点

Enthusiasm and sympathy are his best quality.

热心和同情心是他最大的优点。8. strong candidate 强有力的候选人

Please consider me a candidate for the job.请将我列为该项目的强有力的候选人。

9. be responsible for …

The pilot is responsible for the passengers’ safety.机长对乘客的安全负有责任。

10. have specialized in …专门从事

Our company has specialized in import and export of light industry.我们公司专门从事轻工业产品的进出口工作。

11. have an opening for …正在招聘

From the advertisement of July 8, I know that you have an opening for regional business representative, which I’d like to apply.从七月一日的广告上得知正在招聘地区业务代表,我愿意申请该职。12. regional business manager 地区业务经理

During the time when he was the regional business manager, sale in the territory increased 22 percent.

他担任地区业务经理职务期内,区域业务量增长22%13. become interested in …产生兴趣

I became interested in selling because I felt it provided broader opportunities for me.我逐渐地对销售产生兴趣,发现这个业务领域提供我更加宽广的机会。14. a wide range of responsibilities 具有较广的责任范畴

In my present post of Private Secretary to the General Manager at a manufacturing, I have a wide range of responsibilities.

我目前在一家制造公司担任总经理的私人秘书工作,具有较广的责任范畴。15. in my employer’s absence 当老板不在时

My responsibilities include attending and taking minutes of meetings and interviews, and supervising junior staff, as well as the usual secretarial duties in my employer’s absence.

我的工作范畴包括出席会议、做会议记录和会谈记录,当老板不在时代为接待访客、处理信件、管理高级职员,以及一般的秘书职责。16. curriculum vitae is enclosed 附上简历

A copy of my curriculum vitae is enclosed giving further details, together with copies of previous testimonials.

在此附上个人详细的简历及学历证书复印件。17. give further details 提供进一步的详细资料

My former boss has written the enclosed testimonial and has kindly agreed to give further details should they be needed.

在此附上我的前任老板的推荐信,如果需要,他愿意提供其他详细情况。18. satisfactory arrangement 令人满意的安排

I am looking forward to your satisfactory arrangement.

我期待着你们做出令人满意的安排。19. valuable experience 宝贵经验

I thoroughly enjoy my work and am very happy here, but feel that the time has come when my valuable experience in marketing has prepared my for the responsibility of full sales management.

我对现在的工作很满意并且一向都很愉快,但就我对市场的宝贵经验而言,应该是我担负起全部市场经营的时候了。20. in charge of 负责

A position that in charge of management training programs.


Part VI Useful Sentences and Paragraphs (常用语句和段落)

A. Sentences (语句)

说明应聘职位(Stating Your Job Objective)

A responsible administrative position which will provide challenge and freedom where I can bring my initiative and creativity into full play.


An executive assistant position utilizing interests, training and experience in office administration.


A position in management training programs with the eventual goal of participating in the management rank of marketing.


An entry-level position in sales. Eventual goal: manager of marketing department.


A position requiring analytical skills in the financial or investment field.财务或投资领域需运用分析技巧的职务。

To begin as an accounting trainee and eventually become a manager.


An entry-level position in an accounting environment, which ultimately leads to financial management.


A position as data-processing manager that will enable me to use my knowledge of computer systems.


An entry-level position responsible for computer programming.


Administrative assistant to an executive where short-hand and typing skills will be assets.


A position which will utilize my educational background in biology, with prospects of promotion.


Responsible managerial position in human resources.


A position in Foreign Trade Department, with opportunities for advancement to management position in the department.


An administrative secretarial position where communication skills and a pleasant attitude toward people will be assets.


A position as a design engineer in an engineering department.


Looking for a position as a computer programmer with a medium-sized firm.


To serve as sales promoter in a multinational corporation with a view to promotion in position and assignment in parent company's branch abroad.

担任多国公司的推销员,期望在职位上有晋升并能分派到母公司的海外分公司去工作。说明教育程度(Stating Your Education ) Useful Courses for English-teaching include: Psychology, teaching methodology, phonetics, rhetoric, grammar, composition.


Specialized courses pertaining to foreign trade: Marketing principles, international marketing, practical English correspondence and telecommunications, foreign exchange, business English.


Courses taken that would be useful for computer programming are: Computer science, systems design and analysis, FORTRAN programming, PASCAL programming, operating systems, systems management.


Academic preparation for management: Management: Principles of management, organization theory, behavioral science. Communication: Business communication, personnel management, human relations. Marketing: Marketing theory, sales management.


Major courses contributing to management qualification: Management, accounting, economics, marketing, sociology.


Among the pertinent courses I have taken are: office administration, secretarial procedures, business communication, psychology, data-processing, typing, shorthand.


说明工作经历(Stating Your Work Experience)

Sales manager. In addition to ordinary sales activities and management of department, responsible for recruiting and training of sales staff members.


Assistant to the General Manager of Shenzhen Petrochemical Industrial Corporation Ltd. Handled the itinerary schedule of the general manager. Met clients as a representative of the corporation. Helped to negotiate a $5,000,000 deal for the corporation.


Secretary to president of Silverlion group Corporation Ltd.. Responsibilities: Receiving visitors, scheduling meetings, taking and typing dictation, writing routine letters and reports.


Public relations girl at Guangzhou Holiday Inn. Full-time in summers, part-time during school.


Assistant to manager of accounting department of a joint venture enterprise. Analyzed data and relevant financial statistics, and produced monthly financial statements.


Worked 21 hours weekly as a salesgirl at the bookstore of Shenzhen University. Earned 45% of college expenses.


Production manager: Initiated quality control resulting in a reduction in working hours by 20% while increasing productivity by 25%.


Staff member of Shanxi Textiles Import and Export Company. Handled import of textiles from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan. Increased sales by 25% from 1990 to 1993. Made frequent business trips to these places to negotiate with textile mills.


Tourist guide during the summer vacation for Beijing International Travel Service. Conducted tours for foreign tourists on trip around the city.


B. Paragraphs (段落)

a. In spite of my success in my present work, my desire to teach remains strong. During the past two three years I have been taking graduate courses in education, thinking one day I would enter the teaching profession.


b. Administrative Assistant to the Executive Vice President, More Manufacturing Company, Duties: supervise general office activities and assist the Executive Vice President with such matters as writing letters and reports, doing research, planning conferences and meetings.


c. When I finished my university, with a major in advertising, I took a job in the university’s Athletic Department, where I organized and directed miscellaneous sports, such as basketball matching, boating, fishing and backpacking.


d. Although I enjoyed the work, it paid very little, and I admitted to myself that I kept the job simply because I was reluctant to leave the university environment.虽然我很喜欢这份工作,但是薪水微薄,而我也清楚自己这所以持续这份工作,是因为舍不得学校周围的环境。

e. After graduation in my university, I decide to face the real world and start on careerin my chosen field.


Part VII Sample Letter (信函范文)

a. Example 1 Contact Information

Self Evaluation Honest and credible, passionate and respect of work, possessing the sense of duty and a person of moral A sound knowledge of economics and enterprise management. Excellent ability of learning Excellent English skill of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Qualified as an accompany interpreter Skillful application of software Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on. Good sense of time, emphasis on efficiency and nice interpersonal communication skill. Good organizing and practicing ability.

Education Background Graduate from East China University of Science and Technology in June 2005 First Major: International Economic and Trade (four years) Second Major: English (three years)

Work Experience On campus:2001/102002/7 Deputy manager of public relationship department in college of economics, in charge of activities such as helping the orphanage.2002/92004/3 Head of public relationship department in MBA association, fully responsible for “TCL on campus”, in charge of inner publication and finding financial support out of university for “ECUST all around”, assisted in holding “Forum of six doctors”, in charge of receiving doctors. Society:2002/3 Work as information collector in Shenzhou marketing Research Company.2002/11 Volunteer in activity of collecting signatures for supporting Shanghai’s bidding for 2010 World Expo.2003/11 Volunteer as a guide in Shanghai Science and technology museum.2004/4 Assistant in Shun chi Real Estate Company responsible for collecting information.2004/5 Interpreter volunteer in the 10th Asia Forum on Business and Education.2004/78 Assistant in CFI GROUP(Shanghai),responsible for translating clients-visiting material and preparing data analysis reports.

Certificate and Awards Certificate: Awards:

2004/6 Shanghai Post Credential for Advanced 2004/6 the Third prize in“ the First Contest of Interpretation Culture and Economics Knowledge”

2003/12 Shanghai computer certificate Grade Two 2004/5 “Outstanding interpreter”in Asia Forum 2003/8 Shanghai Post Credential for intermediate on Business and Education Interpretation 2004/4 “Powerful Existence ”of“the Forth 2003/5 Test of English Major(TEM) Contest of Existence Simulation Practice”2003/3 College English Test(CET) Grade 62001/92004/9 Scholarship Grade Two for each year 2002/9 College English Test (CET) Grade 42001/92003/9 “Excellent Student”for each year


Resume General information Name Date of birth Height E-mail Address

Gender Birth Place Major Cell phone

Self evaluation

Professional Experience

Education background




Resume Name: Date of birth: Telephone: E-Mail: Job objective: Education



Social Experience:

School Experience: Awards

Scholarship from University in 2015 Won the title of Excellent League Member Won the title of excellent Leader of the University Students Union Won the title of outstanding volunteer Self-evaluation loyal and reliable Innovative awareness cheerful and can get along well with others have a strong sense of responsibility and teamworkhave strong logical thinking and good at coordination and planning have the ability to work under pressure