Sunday,July 6 It was a fine day today.I was busy but happy.In the morning,I went to a park with my friends.We played tennis and went for a walk.In the afternoon,I went shopping.There were many things in the shop.I met my friend,Nancy.I spent 2 hours in going shopping.At night,I watched an exciting game show.I was happy.

Today was very clear with no wind. I practiced basktball in the morning.Then I went to the movies with Sandy.Isaw White Nights.It was a very nice movie!I liked "Say you,say me"best of all the songs.I'm fond of seeing musicals.The dancing is very beautiful and the music is pretty.

July 72010

It was the second day of our summer holiday. I felt good. I felt I am free. I had a lot of time to do things I like. My parents are in Zhongshan. So I live alone but I don’t feel lonely. But I didn’t do something special. I stayed at home and watched TV. Oh! I wrote an Englishdaily composition. It was my homework. Today, I have slept for 14 hours.I thought I was very tired. It was time for dinner. I must go! I am very hungry.

July 102010

I am planning to spend my summer holiday on sports this year. Playing basketball is always my favourite, so some of my classmates and I will form a small team and play basketball together. Sometimes we may have a match against some other teams and I do enjoy the sense when we win the game.

July 142010

Today I found time was a cruel thing. Whatever man is, time always goes on. It won’t stay to wait for somebody. You can’t use anything to exchange time. Time is also a fair thing. Although you have a lot of money or you enjoy high reputation, time won’t leave them more. Today I found I hadn’t enough time. Although I have more than a-month holiday, but I found I had a lot of things to do. I had a lot of homework to do and I am essential to complete the homework as soon as I have time.

July 242010

I have rested for 10 days. In these days, I felt very bored. I didn’t know to do what. Although I had a lot of things to do, I felt uncomfortable. I was ill because of the hot weather. I was tired, sleepy and had no strength. My parents are worried about my health. in fact, it didn’t matter. I was always in the room with air-conditioner and opened it in a low temperature. So when I went out, the high temperature disagreed to me.At last, I was ill.

August 62010

It was sunny today. I was excited. I got up at a quarter to seven. I made a appointment to meet at nine o’clock. After I had my breakfast, I went to the Wanjia Market . It was hot outside. When I arrived, my friends didn’t arrive. I waited for him in front of the KFC’s door. I haven’t seen them for a year. And in a year, we didn’t come into contact with others frequently. About ten minutes left, my friends arrived one by one. After we greeted,we went to play basketball in Liwan Gymnasium. The match last for tow hours.Oh!I fill very happy today!

August 72010

Yesterday we played happily, but there were only ten people. I remembered last year there were twenty-two people at all. I heard some my friends had gone abroad. They went abroad to study. Maybe I couldn’t see them in the future. I think next year we won’t make a party. Next year is a very important year. We all will prepare the new term’s new subject.I know, it is the most important for us now.


范文2:初中英语日记 十篇


1. Today is very hot; I just have to stay at home all day. I watched TV after finishing my homework. The program was called animal planet. It was wonderful. It was about the beautiful nature and animals on the earth. I enjoyed very much and learned a lot from it. I also ate water melon, which was great.2. Today is hotter. I wanted to stay at home, but my father told me to do some exercises. He asked me to go shopping. I bought some food and drinks, and some vegetables. My mother praised me. I was hot and sweaty, but I was happy then.3. Today is rainy. I went out with my friends. We went to the shopping mall, restaurant, and cinema. It was an exciting and amazing day. I bought many things I like, had a good meal and nice talk with my friends, and enjoyed a very interesting movie.4. Today is hot again. My father is free. I asked him if we could go swimming, and he agreed. We went to the swimming pool. There were many people. I like swimming, though I am not very good at it. My father taught me a lot. He is very kind and patient. We enjoyed there very much. It is really a fruitful day.5.Today is cloudy, but still very hot. I stayed at home, finished my home work and watched a movie, which is called illusionist. It is difficult

1to understand at the beginning, but I got to know it and enjoyed later then. It is a story happened in the 19th century in Europe, which is about love, trick and ambition among a magician, his lover in his childhood and the lover’s husband. You could only know it at the very end of the story.6. Today is sunny and hot. I do nothing but surf on the internet, chatting with my friends, playing computer games and listening to the music. It is boring somehow. However, I found some nice music. I like pop music, folk song, rock music and light music. I downloaded them to my MP3 and enjoyed it when I resting on the bed.7. Today I went out with my friends because it is not so hot. We went shopping, chat together, and had nice drinks and creams. Summer holiday is long, but the happy time is always short and memorable.8. Today I went to see my grandparents with my mother. They are healthy and kind. We had a wonderful meal there. They usually do exercise in the early morning and have a walk after dinner. I should do more exercises, which is good to my health. Maybe I should lose some weight.9. Today I only played cards and chess on the internet. I won a lot, which made me very happy. Internet is very useful and enjoyable. People could connect to each other by it, though I thought people communicate to each other less than before in reality. A coin has two sides.210. Today I started to read a book called “The pride and the prejudice”, which is a famous novel. It is very interesting. It is delightful that the two couples get married as their wishes at last. However, it is difficult for me to describe the details to you. I think you should read it by yourself.



今天的日子过的很无聊,没有人和我聊天,都忙着写作业,是啊是啊,马上就要去返校了,我不喜欢学校,不喜欢任何与它有关的东西,唉~但我们是学生啊,这些事情我们永远也无法左右,我等着这日子都过去的一天。Today's life is boring, I had no one to chat, all busy writing my homework, yeah. Yeah, will soon go back at school, I don't like school, don't like any thing about it, yeah ~ but we are students ah, these things we never left, I'm waiting for this day is in the past day.假期,给人的感觉总是轻松,快乐,自由的。繁忙的人期待一个悠闲地假期;束缚的人期待一个自由的假期;伤心的人期待一个快乐,充满欢笑的假期。在我读书的八年里,每一个假期都过得非常快乐,让我总是忘了什么时候开学。而在这个寒假里,我所得到的收获是最大的。

Holiday, the sense that gives a person is always relaxed, happy and free. Busy people are expecting a leisurely holiday, Shackle of people look forward to a free holiday, The sad people look forward to a happy holiday, full of laughter. While I'm reading the eight years, each holiday all live very happy, let I always forget when opening. And in the winter vacation, I have received the harvest is the biggest of all.今天早上阳光明媚,我和妈妈早早地起了床,吃了饭,妈妈决定教我洗衣服,我答应了。首先,妈妈把衣服找出来,然后再分类,会褪色的衣服放一对堆,其他的衣服再放一堆。妈妈说:“要先洗上衣,再洗裤子。上衣的衣领和袖口是容易脏的地方,要重点洗;内裤和袜子一般也比较脏,要使劲搓揉;系会褪色的衣服时,要单独洗,以免把别的衣服染了色。”看妈妈洗了几件衣服后,我的手不由自主地痒痒了,拿起一件衣服就搓起来,但是我的力气太小了,衣服太大,根本就搓不动!看衣服在妈妈的手中不停飞舞,我目瞪口呆!妈妈好像明白了,就叫我洗袜子,嘿!袜子倒是挺好洗涤的,先涂抹上肥皂,来回使劲的搓揉,反复两遍,再用清水清洗两遍;洗完了袜子,我就试着一点一点的洗上衣和裤子,慢慢地好像熟练多了。噢,,今天的收获真大啊!

This morning sunshine, mom and I early to get out of bed, a dinner, mom decided to teach me to wash clothes, I agreed. First of all, she took the clothes and find out and then classification, fade clothes a pair of pile, other clothes put one pile. Mother said:"first wash again wash pants. Coat, coat collar and cuffs are easy to get dirty place, want to key wash; briefs and socks also is compared commonly dirty, should firmly rub; department will fade clothes, washed separately, lest the other clothes dyed color." See mother wash some clothes, I hand involuntarily itch, picked up a clothes will rub up, but my strength is too small, the clothes are too big, simply rub don't move! See clothes in the mother's hand keep flying, my gape! Mother seemed to understand, just call me wash socks, hey! Socks is quite good of, first washing soap daub, back and forth, the rub hard repeatedly twice, and then rinse it twice, After washing socks, I will try to little wash jacket and trousers, slowly like skilled. Oh, today's really big harvest!滑雪




机上看到的白云一样,在那地方,感觉踩在云朵上!!!脚下软绵绵的。我们开始滑雪了,先上山。在山上我们“全身武装”后,就开始啦,我一个劲的往下滑,有由于没滑过,没滑几下,就变成滚了,一个劲的滚了下来,虽已安全滚,但我已头晕眼花了!~!~!~!这次滑雪可真有趣,从滑雪变成滚雪,哎~! skiing Today, I came to here, jilin, Snow White, say-can is the first time I saw so many snow, because my house in shenzhen, that place is very hot, let alone snow, ice is in the refrigerator, can see sorrow, ah ~~! I met so many snow, was very happy, listen to mama said, side skiing cool, I asked my mother took me to, in my repeated requests, mother finally consented to me. After lunch, we went out there, destination is put LongTanShan ski! Here is like clouds in the sky, just like you sit on the plane to see the white clouds in the same, at the place, feeling on the clouds!!! Foot feels weak. We start skiing, first up the hill. On the mountain we "whole-body armed" hind, began, I lose, down, with no glide, no slip a few times, becomes roll, a strength of rolling down, although already safety roll, but I already lightheaded!~!~!~! The ski really interesting, from rolling snow ski become, ah ~!日落


西方的天空,红啦!太阳在西边的山上徘徊,东边的天空还是那么蓝,不免有几朵白云在天空中飘来飘去,过了一会,太阳已经落下半边,只剩半个头在外面西方的天空也渐渐暗啦。周围的云一棱一棱,发红,发金,发黑。云彩仿佛披上了画家精心调配的三色彩衣,多么绚丽啊!教室里的我们正在奋笔疾书,“唰唰唰”渐渐地,遇到了难题,看看窗外天色一点一点地暗下去,眼前的景物开始模糊,太阳全部落下去了只有一点一点金红色的云在西方,心中不免有些失落,最后,一丝亮光也没啦,心中的一丝希望也随之消失了 sunset Raised his head and looked at days, east, and west? Yi? Why is there such a big difference? The western sky, red! The sun on the west side of the mountain on the east of wandering, or so blue sky, white clouds unavoidable several in the sky fluttered around, after a while, the sun has already fallen half, only head half outside the west side of the sky grew dark now. The clouds around a edges, redness, send a arrises golden, black. The cloud like on the painter elaborate allocate three color garment, how beautiful! In the classroom, we are my dissertation "shua scratching noises..." Gradually, with the difficulties, seeing it bit by bit dark down, at present of scenery, the sun began to fuzzy all fall down only little golden red cloud in the west, in the heart is unavoidable forlorn, finally, a light also no lah, in the heart of a glimmer of hope is subsequently disappeared...我喜欢自由自在的生活,这是真的,我不希望有人拘束我,这会让我很不自在。我不喜欢胡萝卜,尽管有人叫我“兔子”,我喜欢吃冰激凌,尤其是在冬天。呵呵~ I like the freedom of living, this is true, I don't want anyone at home I will make me uncomfortable. I don't like carrots, although people call me "rabbit", I like to eat ice cream, especially in winter. Hehe,一个月的寒假生活即将结束。回顾这一个月以来感觉自己的收获还是挺多的。在寒假期间,我利用好每一天的时间来充实自己,通过看书,看杂志,上网等多种途径来度过自己的寒假生活。当然最有意义的事情还是去了解中国的年文化。我们中国是一个文明之国,历史悠久,以前过年从没想过要去深入的了解它。在我们那边以往只是在走亲访友中度过了,但是今年



A month's winter vacation life is coming to an end. This article reviews a month since feel harvests or a lot. During winter vacation, I make good use of time each day to enrich himself, through reading, reading a magazine, Internet and so on many kinds of ways to spend their winter vacation life. Of course the most meaningful thing is to understand China's annual culture. We China is a kingdom of civilization, has long history, before Chinese New Year never want to go deep understanding of it. In the past we there just visiting relative spent, but this year's form has very big change, people don't just stay at home, but invite a few friends goes out to play. About the special deep impression to me, because this year I also with several good friends out for play some kind of, that feeling is really very comfortable, a Chinese New Year than previous go visit is a much better, and it is very simple, convenient. The end of winter vacation life, oneself also must be quickly adjust good mentality to prepare for next year's work.我是初中生了,它既让我高兴又让我悲哀。高兴是:上初中了,我可以在学校当一个大哥哥了,可不高兴的是:爸爸妈妈不让我玩电脑连碰都不行,也不让看电视;老师的作业也逐日增多,害得我们每天都要写作业到9到10点,第二天都没有精神去做别的事。放寒假了,老师更是往死里留作业,压得我们都喘不过气来了。快开学了,作业还没写完了,也没少让家长往补习班里送,就是因为这个补习班,我的作业差点完不成了。


I am the junior high pupil, it makes me happy and make me sad. Happy is: top junior high school, I can in school when a big brother, not pleased: dad and mom won't let me play computer even touch all line, also don't let watching television; The teacher assignments are daily increase, harm us every day to write my homework to 9 to 10 points, the next day no spirit to do anything else. Winter break, the teachers is to leave the dead homework, pressed we breath. Underscores the homework, haven't finished writing, also do not have little to let the parents to cram school send, because the cram school, my homework nearly finish. Top junior high school that's difficult, watching the pupil, I really envy them ah, or miss elementary school that time of joy, wish time can flow back, let me go back to the primary school time doesn't know any better.( ) alas, junior middle school students do hard ah ~~ ~~ ~昨天我一人在家觉得太冷清了,所以今天起了个大早,让爸爸上班前把我送到爷爷家。吃过奶奶为我准备的丰盛的早餐,我要赶紧抓紧时间做作业,因为明天爸爸、妈妈要带我去哈尔滨旅游了。中午吃过饭,奶奶在洗碗,看着奶奶一头白发,动作也有些缓慢,突然觉得奶奶苍老的许多,我走上前说:“奶奶,我来帮你一起干活吧,你洗碗,我擦碗”。奶奶开心的夸我真能干。

Yesterday I was home feels too cold, so today got up early, let dad before going to work, send me to grandpa's home. Eaten grandma prepares my fullness of breakfast, I must hurry hold firmly time doing homework, because tomorrow to mom and dad will take me to Harbin tourism. Noon eat meal, grandma washing a bowl, looking at grandma grey hair and action also some slow,

suddenly feel old grandma, I walk to come forward to say many:"grandma, I'll help you together and do your work, you wash the dishes, dry my bowl". Grandma happy kua I really capable.

范文4:中考英语作文范文-2009湘潭 日记 毕业感想



日记的格式要求。英文日记通常由书端和正文两个部分组成。一般是在左上角记上当天日期,右上角写上当天的天气情况。表示天气情况的词一般是形容词,如:fine (晴朗的),cold (寒冷的),snowy(下雪),sunny(阳光充足的),rainy (下雨的),cloudy (阴天的)Snowy(下雪的)等。日记的小标题写在下一行,也可省略不写。曰记正文中以第一人称记下当天生活中的所见、所闻、所做或所想的事情,以时间发生的先后顺序来展开,常用一般过去时,个别也用一般现在时。


June 18,2009 Thursday Sunny I have studied in my school for three years. And my junior middle school life will end up. I have much feeling now. I am thankful to my English teacher. I still remember that he helped to begin with ABC three years ago; He taught me how to learn English well and the way to recite the words. With his help, my English has become better. I am lucky to have many good classmates. There are many good memories about my classmates. They impress me very much. In the past three years, we studied together, played games together and we also helped with each other. From today on, I will have new English teacher and new classmates, but I will miss them. They are one part of my life.译文






日记是用来记叙自己一天生活中所看到、遇到、想到和做过的事情,特别是那些具有教育意义或值得回忆、查阅或参考的事情,也可以用来抒发自己当天对某些事件的感受,以及对将来的打算等。因此,要记的内容丰富多彩,这正是日记题材广泛,选材容易的原因。体裁以记叙文或简单的议论文为主。写日记时一般要注意以下几点:1.格式:英文日记和中文日记的写法大致相同。一般是第一行写日期、星期、天气状况。日期通常顶格写,后面是星期,天气状况写在右上角。表示天气情况的词一般用形容词,如:fine ,cold ,rainy ,windy ,cloudy ,sunny ,snowy ,foggy 等。正文部分另起一行。2.人称:日记要用第一人称写。




例如:请以下述内容为题,写一篇日记。3 月15日,星期一。词数:60~80词。提示:

①今晚,你去参加李江的生日晚会,大家又唱又跳,玩得很开心。②离开李江家时,天开始下雨,由于已很晚了,你步行回家;③一辆摩托车急驰而过,在十字路口撞倒了一个男孩。④摩托车没停,逃跑了。⑤你十分气愤,记下了车号( fd -2819)后马上打电话报警,并把孩子送往医院。参考范文:

march 15th, monday this evening i went to li jiang’s birthday party. we sang and danced. we had a good time at the party. when i left li jiang’s house, it began to rain. it was late. i had to walk home. a motorbike ran by me very fast. it hit a boy at the crossing. but the motorbike didn’t stop. it ran away. i felt very angry. i wrote down its number: fd -2819. i telephoned the police at once. then i sent the boy to the hospital.练习:下面是某节体育课的有关情况,请你据此写一篇日记。内容要点:

1.时间:2005年3 月4 日,星期一,下午。2.天气:阴。

3.项目:跳远( long jump )。4.过程:(1 )打上课铃时就在操场集合;(2 )做准备活动( warming-up exercises );(3 )听老师讲解并示范;(4 )我因心情紧张而失败;(5 )不灰心,反复练习;(6 )终于跳过三米。

5.体会:只要有恒心( perseverance )就一定能成功。要求:


march 4,2005, monday cloudy this afternoon we had a p.e. lesson. our teacher taught us to practise the long jump. when the bell rang, we gathered on the playground. after warming-up exercises, the teacher told us about the long jump and showed us how to do it. we followed the teacher and practised one after another. soon came my turn and i felt a little nervous. i failed the first time but i didn’t stop practising. at last i managed to jump over three meters. from this lesson i came to see that one will succeed if he has the perseverance.篇二:英语写日记

2)英语日记的写作格式英文日记和汉语日记一样,是用来记叙一天中所发生的有意义的事情或对将来的打算等。日记可分为记事、议论、描写及抒情等。记事型是用英语记述当天自己生活学习中发生的事情。议论型是对生活中的某一事情或情况现象谈自己的看法,发表议论。描写型或抒情型,则是对某人物事物的特征做细致的描述,或针对某事物抒发自己的感情。格式:一般是在左上角记上当天日期,星期,时间的排列法与书信一致,星期写在日期之后;右上角写上当天的天气情况,表示天气情况的词一般是形容词,如:fine (晴朗的),cold (寒冷的),snowy(下雪),sunny(阳光充足的),rainy(下雨的),cloudy(阴天的)等。日记的小标题写在下一行,也可省略不写。时态:写日记的时间一般是在下午、晚上,有时也可以在第二天补写。因此,日记中所记述的事情通常发生在过去,常用一般过去时;但当记述天气、描写景色或展望未来时,可以用一般现在时或一般将来时。写法大致和写汉语日记相同,都是在正文之前有日期、星期几及当天的天气情况。注意内容表达要清楚连贯、准确

日记的第一行,要写明年、月、日与星期,然后要写明当天的气候状况,如果是游记,还要写明地点。这一部分中天气状况比较难写。下面是一些常用的描写天气的英语词语:晴 clear 阴 overcast 多云 cloudy 小雨 light rain 大雨 heavy rain 毛毛雨 drizzle 阵雨 shower 东风 east wind 南风 south wind 西风 west wind 北风 north wind 西南风 southwester 东南风 southeaster 东北风 northeaster 西北风 northwester 气温 temperature 炎热 scorching heat 寒冷 icy cold 下雪 snow 冰雹 hail 虹 rainbow 日记正文可以是叙事、描述、说明、议论等各种形式。其实,由于日记是非常随便的,因此上述文体常常结合在一起使用。日记内容取自生活,可长可短,有时无事可记,一两句也可以。切忌今天记,明天不记,三天打鱼,两天晒网,破坏了记日记的情趣。另外,日记也应该尽可能讲究一些文采,切忌写成流水账。3)英语日记中的缩写与省略

英语日记中的第一行的月份与星期通常都是缩写的: sunday----sun monday----mon.tuesday----tues. wednesday----wed. thursday----thur.或 thurs. friday----fri. saturday----sat. january----jan. february----feb. march----mar. april----apr. may----may. june----jun. july----jul. august----aug. september----sept. october----oct. november----nov. december----dec.另外,英语日记中由于频繁出现i,因此,常常省略,如:in the evening went with xiao li to the cinema. finishing exercises, went to play tennis.但如果省去i,会造成语义不清时,则不可省去:下面三则学生日记供读者参考: sun., feb.1 overcast the night before the examination the clock struck eleven at night. the whole house was quiet. everyone was in bed except me. under the strong light, i looked gloomily before me at a huge pile of that disgusting stuff they call “books”. i was going to have my examination the next day.“when can i go to bed?” i asked myself. i did not answer. in fact i dared not. the clock struck 12.“oh, dear!” i cried.“ten more books to read before i can go to bed!” we students are the most wretched creatures in the world.考试是学生日记“永恒的主题”,写得真实有趣。 mon., may 9 clear a watermelon got a present of a watermelon cooled down in the well(在井里冷却过的)from my next-door neighbour. as i was very thirsty, enjoyed it very much. they say the watermelons have turned out very well this summer due to the dry weather.“邻居送西瓜”这样一件小事,充满生活乐趣。当然可以作为日记的材料。文中有省略i的地方。

thurs., jan.7 very fine a sunny day i got up early today to watch the suise. while i waited for the sun to rise, i sat beside my window and thought of my future. soon i will be a grown man and i wont be a baby anymore. maybe ill be going to college if i pass the college entrance examination. i didnt want to think of not passing this important examination, for my parents are counting on me to do so. anyway, if i dont pass this one i should try again next year. i thought about my parents too. they have worked so hard to give us children a good life. now, they are getting older little by little. there are more grey hairs now in mothers hair. as for my father, hes beginning to have a hard time reading the surrounding the emptiness. soon i could feel the warmth of the sun as its rays passed through my window pane. the view was really beautiful, more beautiful thanany picture i had ever seen. in a few minutes everyone was awake and everyone went on their own way with their lives. another day started and it was another beginning for all of us.回家路上on my way home 有趣的一天 an interesting day篇三:如何写好英文日记如何写好英文日记要学好写英语短文,就必须经常练习写作,记日记是提高书面表达能力的有效方法之一。英语日记和汉语日记一样,就是把自己在当天生活中所经历的有意义的事或所见所闻及感想记录下来的一种文体。平时坚持写,对提高同学们运用语言的能力或运用英语进行思维是十分有益的,同时有利于促进大家复习巩固语法和词汇,提高英语水平。



年、月、日都写时,通常以月、日、年为顺序,月份可以缩写,日和年用逗号隔开。如:(1) september 1,2008或 september 1st,2008,也可省略写成sept.1,2008或 sept.1st,2008;the 1st of september in 2008(月份不可以缩写)。(2)只有月、日:september 1或 september 1st(月份可以缩写)。

(3)只有年、月:september 2008或 the september of 2008(月份不可以缩写)。以上的1或1st 都应读作the first.2.星期也可以省略不写,可以将其放在日期前或后。星期和日期之间不用标点,但要空一格。如:

monday september 1,2008或mon. september 1,20083.天气情况必不可少,天气一般用一个形容词。这里同学们应该掌握一些表示天气的常用词语,如:

表示晴天的有:fine, sunny, clear等;表示阴天的有:cloudy, dull, gloomy等;表示有风的有:windy等;

表示下雨的有:rainy, light rain, heavy rain等;表示有雾的有:foggy, misty等;表示下雪的有:snowy等;

表示冷、暖、热、凉的有:cold, warm, hot, cool;二、日记的人称

因为日记通常是记录自己或自己与他人所经历的当天发生的事情,所以日记多采用第一人称i 或we来叙述当天所发生的事。但在写作过程中免不了要描述他人,这就要根据实际情况来使用不同的人称了。三、日记的时态




因为日记是记述所发生的事情或议论、抒情,所以,在日记中,其语言应该是通俗易懂,具有生活气息,叙事条理清晰,表达精确到位。在记日记过程当中可以使用一些表渐进、递进关系或发表观点的词语,如:in the morning / afternoon , at noon, at first / last, also, besides, what’s more, as a result, in one’s opinion等。记日记力求简单明了,有连贯性。在句式上尽量使用简单句,以防繁杂,造成语法句型错误。基础语法较好的同学可以使用一些复杂句式丰富日记的内容。五、日记的类型和训练





in order to improve your writing ability, the teacher advices you to keep a diary according to the following details:一个雪后的清晨,假定你在笔直的路上看到一位骑自行车的女士摔倒在地,右腿骨折不能站立。你和一位警察把她送往医院。你给这位女士的工作单位打了电话。当这位女士得到护理时,你向她告别而去。请用日记的形式记叙所发生的事(100~120词)。注意:写出事情发生经过及自己的感想。参考词:

be covered with fall off run up 参考范文

january 9thmondaysnowy suddenly i saw a woman fall off her bike. the woman lay on the ground and could not get up. so i ran up to her and tried to help her get up. she sat up but still could not stand up because her right leg was broken. at that moment, a policeman came over. when he saw this he called a taxi. the taxi driver sent the lady to the nearest hospital. i also went with her to the hospital. there i telephoned the woman’ s office and told one of her colleagues there the whole story. seeing that the lady was well looked after i said goodbye to her. before i left, the lady thanked me again and again. i felt it is my pleasure to do this.这是一篇记叙型的日记。结构严谨,中心突出,有选择地记录了当天的见闻(人或事),并加以分析和评论。





A)September 1,2004或September 1st,2004也可省略写成Sept.1,2004或Sept.1st,2004;the 1st of September in 2004(月份不可以缩写) B)只有月、日:September 1或September 1st(月份可以缩写)

C)只有年、月:September 2004或the September of 2004(月份不可以缩写)以上的1或1st都应读作the first.2、星期也可以省略不写,可将其放在日期前或后,星期和日期之间不用标点,但要空一格,星期也可缩写。如:

Saturday,October 22nd,2004;October 22nd,2004 Saturday

3.天气情况必不可少。天气一般用一个形容词如:Sunny,Fine,Rainy,Snowy 等表示。写在日期之后,用逗号隔开,位于日记的右上角。如: Saturday,March 4,2004,Windy;1st January,2004,Fine 二、日记的要求






March 12th,2003,Tuesday

Sunny (Fine)

Today is Tree Planting Day. At 7∶30 in the morning,all the students in our class met at the school gate. We walked to the park. Miss Gao and other teachers went and worked with us. All the students worked very hard,and we planted about 200 trees. Though we were dirty and tired,we still felt very happy.这是一篇记叙型的日记。结构严谨,中心突出,有选择地记录当天的见闻(人或事),并加以分析和评论。




Friday Feb.15th 2006 sunny


1.年、月、日都写时,通常以月、日、年为顺序,月份可以缩写,日和年用逗号隔开。例如:December 18,2003或者Dec.18,2003。

2.如果要写星期,星期要紧挨日期,它既可以放在日期前面,也可以放在日期后面,星期也可以省略不写。星期和日期之间不用标点,但要空一格,星期也可缩写。例如:Thursday Dec.18,2003或Dec.18,2003 Thursday 3.天气情况必不可少。天气一般用一个形容词如:Sunny, Fine, Rainy, Snowy等表示。天气通常位于日记的右上角。

下面列出了一篇日记的开头,有兴趣的同学可以回忆一下,再接着往下写。 Mon.Sept.1,2003 Sunny Today is the first day of my senior high school life ...



Sept 23,1991, Wednesday Cloudy It is three months since I began this diary 2)

Friday, May I Fine Today is May Day

月份除May, June, July外,其余可用缩写形式。常用来表示天气的词有Fine, Cloudy, Rainy, Windy, Snow等。【范例】 Oct 3,1999, Sunday Rainy It was raining outside when I got up early in the morning. It's too bad, I had to go to school by bus. I said to myself. It was almost seven o'clock before I left home. I put on my raincoat and ran to the bus stop in a hurry, for I thought a lot of people might be waiting there. Hardly had I got there when a bus was coming. Igot on the bus immediately, hoping it was possible for me to take a seat. I saw an empty seat and took it. But I found an old lady standing behind me. I stood up at once and was about to ask her to take the seat when a young girl in a modern skirt made a dive for it. I could hardly believe it. I glared at her, thinking“What bad manners! She cares for nobody but herself. Won't she grow old in the future?”【解题要点与技巧】



英语日记格式 Friday Feb.15th,2006 Sunny



1.年、月、日都写时,通常以月、日、年为顺序,月份可以缩写,日和年用逗号隔开。例如:December 18,2003或者Dec.18,2003。

2.如果要写星期,星期要紧挨日期,它既可以放在日期前面,也可以放在日期后面,星期也可以省略不写。星期和日期之间不用标点,但要空一格,星期也可缩写。例如:Thursday Dec.18,2003或Dec.18,2003 Thursday

3.天气情况必不可少。天气一般用一个形容词如:Sunny, Fine, Rainy, Snowy等表示。天气通常位于日记的右上角。


Mon.Sept.1,2003 Sunny

Today is the first day of my senior high school life ...